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The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (fourth batch of screenshots)

Catshit uploads another userpic since her previous one (pic that she tried to upload to LJ) never uploaded for her. Even LJ didn't want that shit! And after adding it she starts on another round of crazy.

Total projections here. She's obviously trying to scare someone and flaunt some kind of super info she claims to have on someone who called a PUBLIC place! Not a private home phone number and their moms, like Catshit does, no this was over someone who called a place of business! That business did not give her anyone's phone numbers.
But I'm sure Catshit fingered herself and got herself all wet when she posted that. As she likes to write about against her targets to gross them out.
The stupidity of her even stating that the cops aren't Andy Taylor and Barney is even more delusional ranting since they're not even real people. We all know she doesn't understand parody or satire so we know she's referring to TV show characters as real people here. I'm guessing she's implying that someone in Arkansas tipped off the police. Nobody there called any police over whatever shit this is she's foaming on about here. Andy Taylor & Barney are not real cops so she shows just how out of touch with reality that she is trying to imply stupidity on cops in another state.
The TV show characters were written very smart tbh.
The police in Bloomfield Hills Michigan (where the crime took place) were contacted after Catshit's targets were bombarded with this nonsense from her. They (the police) stated that they never said anything like that to Catshit about vendettas or even mentioned anything she posted about them saying. Never happened. They said she was lying.
Whatdya know! That's all Catshit's lying weasel lies again.
They did not ask her if anyone had a vendetta against her.
They certainly did NOT tell her that the anonymous tipster was going to be contacted and the follow-up indicated that Catshit might be hearing from them again!
That's what they said.
It isn't actually a felony for someone to tip off police about criminal activity even if they might be wrong. Catshit doesn't realize all the illegal shit she's done, does she?
But Catshit lies and lies.
No one knows Catshit is innocent of anything. It's quite the opposite.
Therefore the tip off was undoubtably very real. But who does Catshit blame for everything? Yeah, her main victim Nacky!
The informant was actually local to Catshit! But Catshit won't admit that!
That would mean not only revealing she's a liar but giving up her vendetta to attack an innocent. Again. As always.
How's that fender bender, Psycho-shit?
Also it's not illegal to lie to cops. Catshit did it every time they questioned her about anything. It's illegal to lie under oath. One day Catshit's lies will catch up to her!
One more thing to add; nobody except Catshit claims to be a saint!
Catshit absolutely has no rational thought process and she always cries I'M A VICTIM! While hiding her crimes through her hysteria act.
She even fancies herself on a quest and claims to be righteous.
For more info about this, please see EL's Blog on that subject since Catshit also posted this same crap drama on MPL a day before.

This is more of the same insane shit. There is no stalker using fake emails to send stuff to people she don't get along with! Even if that list of people is a very plentiful one! Russ had proven she sent him harassing emails and there were lots of them!
She tried to deny it, tried to claim she was hacked, then once actually admitted to sending them and then went back to denying it.
The MOWFO post could be posted here, but their group is no longer public.
Otherwise those links would be up here to show!
Another direct attack at PID. Catshit just can't stand to be ignored! WTF does some micro voting poll on a stupid site like MPL have to do with Catshit's imagined popularity?
It sure looks to me that Catshit is the one who obsesses over PID!
She just spouts this bullshit for no reason other than to shove some un-important internet trophy that means about as much as dogshit. Another nutjob post.

No idea what the flying fuck she's gasping at here. Other than bitching about MOWFO would be my guess. She was banned from MOWFO. Did not jump, but was forcably removed! They did see her post shit she tried to hide from them.
Catshit goes into some crap about tracking visitors when she had only learned about the stat counter at LJ as of December 2011. Gee look at the date of that post!
And there she is calling her stories "sexy" O.O I shudder to think what she would deem perverted. Catshit is into cannibalism after all.
Catshit probably drove by in her mother's car and seen the protestors. Catshit never once partook of this Occupy Movement in any way, shape or form. She be rich broad brat brought up to see herself as better than everyone else.

This bitch is really so twisted that she sees something and immediately makes up her own version of things because her agenda is to hide the truth. Notice NO links to DeAnna's words to be found on the Insane One's journal. But here, you will find them!
DeAnna's blog links, the two relevant blogs that Catshit is trying to twist and warp into a thing that just isn't: DeAnna blog September 2011 and please do check out DeAnna's blog January 20, 2012. You'll find it very enlightening!
DeAnna never said anyone came to her and recruited her to any forum. Didn't happen. Please read the links and you'll see for yourselves.
Also why not go ahead and read the following links to get the real picture of what Catshit has desperately tried to hide while publicly attacking her victims.
Blog Nov 7 2011, Blog Jan 28 2012, Blog Feb 7 2012, Blog Mar 8 2012, Blog Mar 28 2012.
Another thing is, Catshit keeps trying so hard with no success to convince anyone that someone has some diagnosis or is "certified" crazy, but more than half the people she claims is "cdertified" or "diagnosed" is all literal bullshit trash talk drooling out of Catshit's mouth. The poor souls that do have some problems, like DJ Brick, have been openly flamed and attacked by Catshit. While she scathingly attacks him, and puts him down for his condition, she mocks him to other sadistic people who have no problem helping her bully him.
And proboards reinstated the boards. By that time they knew who the stalking, massive report-happy crazy bitch was. PID and Survivors are still there, albeit Survivors had to move to another server as the threat of DDoS attacks were mainly aimed at them. See the link here. Thanks.

No idea what the crazy cunt is spewing off here. Nobody was doing any antics to get her banned from that idiot site. Nobody cares. She's very delusional if she thinks most of the members of MPL like her. She's also a proven liar and has NOT been a Beatles fan for any length of time she keeps changing. Reality check: she became a rabid fan around 2009 when her Dirk obsession didn't pan out.
Here's something from EL's blog around July 2012...
LINK of PROOF showing the liar KO is!

NOWHERE is Beatles or Paul/John even mentioned! Not that any of that other stuff is true either (writing since she was 12? And STILL incrediably bad!) but please note the big, gaping hole where there is nothing even remotely about the Beatles even mentioned there! Strange for someone to not mention them when she makes a point to claim she's written Beatles slash for 30 goddamn years! No, back then she claimed that Battlestar Galactica was her first love! SO that means all the lies about the John/Paul/Ringo/George slash writing has just been a bunch of hogwash...
I'm sure she'll try to have that link deleted too.
Also check this link as well on EL's blog, November 20, 2011.
BTW nobody threatened MPL's staff. Unless Robert Macs' threats were what she was alluding to. Yeah the guy and his friends that she reported to the MPL staff for making comments she just didn't like about her idol Paul McCartney.

Oh look another big post about stupidity! And how stupid Catshit is too!
This is something to do with that hit and run Catshit lied her way out of. The police never even bothered to look at any dumb website. Paul nor his staff ignorant of her shit did nothing about any such drama. The police simply noted that she had mysterious new dents in her mother's car. Catshit had even tried to tell Stu that she backed into a bread truck or something. This post is revealing of a criminal trying to lie their way out of something.
Please see EL's blog about Catshit's latest sociopathic side-stepping.

How sick this bitch is! How does she know someone is (as she puts it with almost every post she lashes out) wet?
Um NOOOOoooo! Not a chance, CREEPY Catshit!
This is Catshit's creepy psycho side showing itself in foul color here.
Well here's the REALITY...nobody is at all amused with her sickening stalkerish insane posts! Catshit even once posted about Bibbi or Nacky, or both, that they needed licked until they screamed. This is the sick creep these poor souls are dealing with!
It's like she's literally sitting there fantasizing about her victims in sexual ways.
HOW CREEPY can this STALKER be?!! Goddamn!
Catshit is clearly trying to conjure up some perverted sexual fantasy here but her victims are nowhere near or aware of this shit and if they were, I can guarantee that Catshit's claim is absolutely ludicrous! Disgust or loathing might be a better term of what anyone other than Catshit would think of her post!
So read EL's blog concerning this sick and disgusting post by Catshit. Here's the truth that EL has given already: EL's blog on January 28, 2012.
There's really so much that can be pointed out of Catshit's post on livejournal and her raging on and on accusing and abusing as she goes. But one thing that stands out to me is her raging accusation about someone using a proxy and LIKE WOW, she herself was using proxies to spy on other people's boards like PID! After she was even IP banned from that forum!
See my previous blog here, and check out the screenshot dated August 28, 2011. Scroll to the bottom and you'll see it.
Catshit's posts, the longer they are the more projections she throws out there. Sociopathic Catshit.
Here have some of your own medicine Catshit!
Good doggie!
Yes we know you have no life Catshit. Another one of her self mirrored attacks.
Someone's stuff just doesn't upset her? Yeah, to the point that she reported it and then posted about it on livejournal and went out of her way to bring as much attention to her wounded ego as possible!
Oh she found another person's blog or journal! Please note that Catshit will go looking for anything about her on the internet. She is that dedicated to stalking people who might say something she doesn't like!
Another "I'm so important" post and another rehashing of her alleged popularity in MPL!
And of course Catshit MUST pound this into people's heads about how important she is! Because we all must realize she was in some stupid ass poll.
Catshit's ego knows no limits! Narcissist of the very bitter kind! People are actually right about her, so she's wrong! The so-called categories were in some stupid poll that probably all of five people voted in and there were like 20 different categories. i.e. It proves nothing other than her being able to appear as something she most definitely is NOT!
Shit is basically what I think about her "poll" or her "popularity"! A grown woman bragging about piss shit like that. Good Lord. Bitter old hag of the most narcissistic kind!
Taunting and trying to intimidate. Check EL's blog around the time of February 11, 2012. EL laughs at this delusional bitch.

How about NOT contacting people who clearly want nothing to do with you?
Oh but psychopaths like Catshit never take the hint!
This whole higher authorities thing... I'd say the cops telling her to stop harassing people over the internet is a pretty good start! Catshit seems so sure she's above the law.

Catshit looks at friendships as tools to use others by. If they don't comply, she becomes the monster she is, but feigns victimhood for the public eye. Sociopathic as always.
Here are some responses to the SHIT that Catshit dished out:
I'm not going to post all of the lyrics here, but I will share the ones that made me laugh hardest, and why...

"I bit my tongue
I never talked too much"

LOL!!!! When did she ever STOP talking!?

"I tried to be so strong"

When did she do that????

"I did my best
I used my gentle touch"

Her gentle touch? All her snipes and attacks at me over the years was her gentle touch? Her cursing me, her flaming off the list, her endless attacks are all her gentle touch? If we have only been subjected to her gentle touch, I certainly don't care to try her harsh touch. As to doing her best, she certainly did her best to hurt me and try to make my life as miserable as hers is.

"You can put me down
But I can laugh it off"

Really? Sure doesn't seem like she can. And if she can, why doesn't she? Seriously, learning to laugh it off would be so much better for her.

"And act like nothing's wrong"

Again, if she can do that, why doesn't she? We would all be so much happier if she could do that. Including her.

"But why pretend
I think I've heard enough
Of your familiar song"

Umm, isn't that what we have all been saying to her for some time now? Does she even realize how delusional this shows her to be?

"I tell you what I'm going to do
I'll try to take my mind off you"

Oh how I really wish she would! Seriously! Wouldn't life be so much better if she just forgot I even exist? For both her, and me. She should give it a try.

"And now that you don't need my help"

I haven't needed her help in years and years, if I ever did.

"I'll use the time to think about myself"

Like she needs to spend more time thinking about herself? I think she needs to spend a whole lot less time thinking about herself! Everyone, including her, would be so much better off if she did that.

"You are not aware
Of what you put me through"

Umm, doesn't this contradict what she has been claiming all along? She has been insisting that not only did I know how much everything was hurting her, but I planned it for maximum effect and hurt. I supposedly knew all of her childhood traumas, and carefully plotted everything to play upon those traumas and bring them all flooding back to her. How could I have done all that and be unaware of what I put her through? LOL!!!! How can she have it both ways?


"You don't fool anyone"

I am not trying to fool anyone. I have nothing to try to fool anyone about. I have been open and above board in how I have dealt with everything with her.
It seems to me that this is what we keep saying to her.

"I'll tell you what I'm going to do
I'll take a different point of view"

That might be a refreshing change, if only she would give it a try. I am not going to hold out any hope that that will happen, though. I seriously doubt she is capable of it at this time...

[a bunch of stuff about friendship]

I think Kathryn has a very limited definition of friendship, and it includes believing all her lies, letting her walk all over you, taking whatever she dishes out quietly and never, ever, ever calling her on the shit she does. And, as with almost everything else in her life, it is all about her. What you can do for her, give to her. You must support her unconditionally, while never asking for her support in return. And if she should deign to give you her support at sometime for something, you must thank her profusely, and acknowledge that she was wonderful for doing so.

So you see, it is hard for me to take this as serious slam. It is just so ludicrous that she thinks this would hurt me. She doesn't get how much more it says about her than she meant it to.

Then there was some facebook post where Catshit under her fake ID Karen Nesbit said this: "But I still have my health and my job and my car and my soul."

One response to that:

I just looked at this again, and saw something I missed in the first look.

"But I still have my health and my job and my car and my soul."

Which struck me as odd because I thought she has been telling Sherry that her severe illness that she had self-treated into remission years ago, had come back, and that the treatment wasn't working, and she might be dying. This was around the end of last year, if I am recalling correctly. Of course, given my state of mind at that time, I just might be misremembering it.

Also, technically, it's her mother's car, not hers.

Not even gonna touch the soul part! LOL!


So which is Catshit's reason for hating everyone? People that she sits and posts "vile" at all the time? I think it's Catshit who fits the hater better than anyone else because she hates herself and wants to be anyone else but her! What a sad little troll.
About any little thing, Catshit nitpicks and tries to stir up some shit within some group. This is directed at someone in MOWFO, no doubt.

The March 10th, 2012 postings at Catshit Psycho Central!
First who the fuck is she talking to in the post about some 50 year old? Who is she talking to in that post? LOL! Then she goes on to reply to her own question (come on, there was no person commenting on anything she's posted there! The crazy kook is talking to herself there!) and the proper use of the pronoun would be "their" not "they're"... goddamn. Catshit creating another lie on the spot again and creating her own drama. As always.
Then note the second post, the one about binding ties. Please DO note how she's claiming that she's "cleaned house" and "clearing out" her imaginary mental patients and all of whatever. All these people she's invented in her mind who are nowhere near based on the real people who have been stalked, harassed and abused by her!
No one came forward to her about anything. But let's see how far her "clearing out" and "cleansing" claims actually go.
Oh LOOK! It lasted all of a couple of days!
There will be plenty more abusive shit hurled at Kimba and others from Catshit. Believe me. Catshit and her drama llama. The same old pattern of repeating what others had seen about her own personality.
These are worth the read concerning these Catshit attacks around this time.
What? LOL stupid moronic cuntface.
Well for one, nobody's blogs bitched about what Catshit tried to do to other people's forums. So that's a huge lie. Another huge lie. Go ahead and read DeAnna's blog or EL's blog. Here, here are some direct links about this particular issue!
Hmm, looks like they were just talking about Catshit's latest stalking and flame attacks and dispelling her lies again! Again notice that Catshit gave NO links to anyone's blogs in her shit insane post but she sure copies and pastes something irrelevant.
Catshit seems more bent on twisting her imaginary knife in people's backs than playing the martyr here. Also note the absence of any of these so-called "emails" that she claims proboards sent her. Catshit just copies and pastes some page from their home site. So much for having all these emails telling her a goddamn thing.
It's all made up shit by Catshit. The TOS page means nothing.
So the "positive" thing Catshit claims to have gotten here is her ability to... GLOAT! That's it right there! To gloat about someone's misfortunes. That Catshit caused in the first place! Now that's a psychopath for ya!
Catshit bitches about everyone in her posts all the time. So here we have more projections. Way more than everyone else COMBINED have had time to do on the responses in their own blogs.
Catshit, the one who writes like a creepy weirdo on crack and whose writing skills are far beneath anyone in Junior High School. Even Elementary School, for that matter!
More of Catshit's projections again.
But let us look at her frivilous claims here!
All of her claiming that she doesn't care about other boards, PID, Survivors, etc. and here we see her trying desperately to hammer in something about TOS violations while she always violates the rules of any given community. So hell bent on showing off her obsessive reporting to some abuse team everyday. Some life there. It took her how many years? She finally got some idiot to go in and look for the tiniest of infractions yet the admins had already explained to proboards what was really happening and showed them the stalker's attempts, IP logs, troublemakers they had to ban, everything. They knew Catshit's reporting to them day and night was for one purpose only; so she could gloat and show the world how stalkerish she really is!
Catshit is the bully with no life. The BPD stalker who is so insane that she will end up in prison when there's no enabler there to pay her way out of trouble.
Proboards did NOT side with her! Repeat: Proboards did NOT side with her!
They saw the light alright, the stuff Catshit don't think about; like IP logs, and the many ambushes she conducted through the years. They explained to the members that they wished to not receive any more email from her (KO)!
That Catshit was harassing them over PID and Survivors forums even if they never named her, they all knew who it was. So remember all those posts on her insane journal denying stalking them and lying about not reporting them? Well LIES is what Catshit excells at! They did what they all had to do to stop her crazy fucking emails and attempted DDoS attacks.
I don't think anyone really knew how to handle this persistent stalker.
The problem is apparent when she can lie and play act her way out of being lj removed herself while others who are not cowards (like her), will state what they will and not have to cover it up later.
Catshit claims to have a life but posts about people's boards, stalks other people's boards, tries to send in spies on other people's boards and her vicious intents towards them for daring to ban her abusive ass (in her mind it means they're being nasty to her), and daring to talk about their own issues. Catshit reporting them endlessly and showing off her stalking skills and GLOATING!
Yeah some life you got there loser! She is determind to use whatever she was hoping proboards might buy into (they realized what a stalker and psycho she is) for her own evil agenda to be able to get these people, these victims to pay attention to her and obvious attempts to make them fear her. This was her attempt to show them that she has more power than they do over their own stuff! Or at least to convince herself that she has that kind of power. It's all about control with Catshit.
Catshit even bitches about the forum members and admins shrugging off her nasty and malicious reports on them. Why is she so worried about their reaction?
I'll tell you why, because what Catshit was really looking for was a reaction of total devastation, terror, and fear. It didn't happen quite like she planned so now she's acting as if they're so afraid of her but trying to put on a brave face in the face of Dictator Self-Righteous Drama Queen Hag KO!
When the truth is, both forums are still around. PID and Survivors knew she was stalking them and expected to have some kind of shit happen to them because they all knew she would never relent. Even after their boards (for a time) got some form of inactivity but a much needed disappearing act for their own peace and quiet, she STILL wanted to show how obsessed she is and still would not relent. But the truth is, Catshit succeeded in nothing. She amounts to nothing. She is nothing.
Her posting of the proboards terms page is another wasted effort to appear like some big Paul saviour who knows all about "violations". Catshit is only a saviour to her own ego.
And look she even contradicts herself about who's being investigated, now she's claiming she wasn't investigated. Yet in her post on November 15th, 2011 post she believes her and her victim are both being investigated.
Check the November 15th post on the previous page here.
Yep. She claims otherwise there. Little liar. Didn't think anybody saved the evidence did she? Surprise surprise!
And for fuck sakes, she can't even use words properly! She needs to look up the dictionary meaning of "invoke" because the way she uses it here is really hilarious. Yeah a computer term on a service page can invoke stuff...LMAO!
Her insane rantings end with something about having a life, then disolves into just writing about it. Yeah she's written all about her life and the total phony world she's living in.
More poor-me drama.
This is all about Catshit's hatred of Stella McCartney. Daughter to Paul and Linda McCartney. There's a lot of info on this crazy lunatic's shit.
Another incoherent insane post by Catshit.


Nobody from other fandoms followed her into anything. Catshit made damn sure she flaunted herself in front of her targets. The majority of people in Beatles fandom however, didn't need any coaching from anyone. They already saw what other fans in other fandoms saw.
So in short she's trying to suggest that the Paul & Beatles fans are not real, that everyone in the Paul/Beatles fandom all love her while these people who clearly do not MUST be from the other fandoms she's been kicked out of. Catshit stalked them, not the other way around.
Truth time here; the Paul/Beatles fans can't stand her and they ARE true, genuine fans from long ago whereas Catshit came in on a load of bullshit lies and drama, claiming to be something she's not, trying to peddle her deceptions onto a fanbase that she thinks cannot think for themselves! The post she spewed out there was just another ploy for attention and another opportunity she used to lie some more.
Catshit is too narcissistic to think anyone from the Paul/Beatles fanbase could possibly find her annoying, disgusting, a psycho. So she's just gottta create this delusion and prove what they suspected all along; that she's a raving off-her-rocker lunatic.
No we actually do detest you Catshit! We are Paul & Beatles fans! Fuck off!

LOL! Yeah to a point she's always posting about them. Trash talking about them. Stalking them!
Anyone needed proof that Catshit was in facr harassing proboards? Well see it for yourself in her implying that she was on verge of suing proboards!
Here she even claims AGAIN that only one side was being investigated! Another 180 by Catshit the Liar of Many Lies.
She gloats about donig something while claiming people are trying to get her banned (her usual deluded paranoid pile of shit) and while people would like to see her banned, they're not doing anything when all they have to do is let her hang herself and be amused at her screaming tantrums when she implodes.
Catshit claims to have someone else investigated! Really? By whom and to what end? Who is the imaginary lawyer this time, Catshit?
And what boards exactly were deleted? The LJ MaccaMinx was another person you just had to try to silence. But no matter how much your Taliban ways sleaze on, you'll never silence those who will speak out.
What investigation is supposed to have happened against someone else?
In Catshit's post on November 15th, 2011 post she believes her and her victim are both being investigated.
Check the November 15th post on the previous page here.
So nobody failed as far as I can see and wasn't her violating bullying facebook accounts deleted? Why yes! Two of them in the same period of time!
Read about it here! There were two of them. Karen Nesbit and another one that she hadn't used but set up to spy on people she was blocked from as Karen Nesbit. And I want to make people aware that she'd have lost her Livejournal as well, if she didn't delete all the abuse she posts there!
We know why she isn't removed from LJ, because she's using her usual sneaky tactics to avoid being shut down. But they can only take so much.
Her ragging about her job and other shit bears no resemblance to reality. Golden Gate had already asked her to stay the hell away from them. Catshit made up this stupid story involving them but what happened is that she harassed some other customer there. Catshit ran to her mother's computer and made up another one of those tall tales she's infamous for. Like the whole Dirk cruise bullshit story she made up as she went on and on and along and along on other people's groups.
Those posts about the Cafe are still there on her insane journal btw.
The last sentence on her post is her usual projecting venomous vomit she spews. She just keeps on the old pounding of disorders and afflictions when she's totally the mentally insane windbag she is. Ever notice how she crams in the words bi-polar, borderline and other such terms in almost every sentence? One could copy and paste all the times she's spouted off the word "bi-polar" and put it in a blog like this one and it would fill it up for about 20 pages worth. Same goes for her other run-to words like "stalker", "bully", and her latest word she will use as a profanity; "autism".
Check out EL's blogs about this situation here for a better picture of what's going on.
KO Biggest Fail, Forged Facebook, and as to Catshit's claims of George Harrison talking to her about her pitiful little existence, check the blog on KO's derangement here.
Catshit's STILL claiming George Harrison talks to her!
As you can see on her May 10th, 2011 post in this blog here.
Hmm, seems like her George Harrison manifestations were not only lies trying to hide her Hak5 actions, but lies about what people could not do to combat her. Her FB was removed and nobody even ventures to comment on her sick journal anymore. Most of MPL members loathe her.
R.I.P. George Harrison. We are sorry that there's a psycho woman who has severe mental problems trying to cause your loved ones any problems because of her obvious sickness. To his family and loved ones, we know he is resting peace and isn't communicating with a mentally deranged woman in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan who has lied her whole life and needs to seek professional help.

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