Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (second batch of screenshots)

The lies and venom in the following screenshots prove how mentally ill this bitch is.

The fact is, nobody contacted her damned friends, not that Catshit has any. Someone did a follow-up on one of her many lies and Catshit was caught in another lie. The proof was now out of the bag and she was asked to not come back to that business. Catshit has of course gone on and on and on and on about how she merrily tells people that she has a "stalker" but the reality is, people know she's the actual stalker who loves to lie about people.
All of the shit she's done and caused. Got caught in lies about a cruise only to go on lying about people who knew by then what a filthy liar she is.

Let's point out some verified facts here. Yes let's.
Catshit used forging sites to send her attacks on a daily basis between the years 2004-2006. We're talking everyday here, now folks.
The detective visited Catshit's house because the police were notified about Catshit, people called the police on her! One lady even got a restraining order against Catshit.
Catshit has still got an enraged flaming butthurt over that.
Please note how she has run her "stalker" bit into the ground and do note how she's complaining that the police were called on her in this POST. That yahoo account is Catshit posting on that group. Complaining about having the police show up at her door and complaining that her myspace account was deleted. The account that she called "TracysDeadBody" while posting about how Tracy and others would die. That is Catshit wondering why they deleted her account!!! She's such a pathetic miserable all-those-names she goes around calling people!
Catshit is not a "big city girl" either. She's a pampered rich brat with severe mental illness living with her mother in a small town called Bloomfield Hills. The only dumb hick from the sticks is Catshit!
The detectives were the ones away for the holidays. Nobody ever said the police station itself was closed on holidays. That's Catshit distorting things again!
As a matter of fact in Detroit, the police don't even go into the city after dark. And the police station in Nacky's city is actually open 24 hours. Unlike the Bloomfield Hills PD. Why? Because it's bigger.
The crap about Hak5, another one of Catshit's stunts that she was caught red handed doing and then immediately spun herself into a lie about people posing as her. See previous blog. That was the best she could come up with. Lame.
As stated in the previous blog, nobody posed as her. Catshit did it herself and did actually ask hackers to destroy the private forum and Tina's forum too! Then threw in the bit about Paul because she wanted to read what the admin there was saying about her.
Then notice the part where she "removes the link" because of "privacy"!!! Bullshit. As if Catshit is worried about anyone's privacy. Catshit just didn't want people to see how easily proven it is that she's a liar.
BTW here is the LINK of the forum that was referred to.
The insane cunt that Catkick is even blamed "Nacy" for sending some message. The obsession Catshit has on this other lady is very disturbing. Catshit herself knows she's got multiple enemies but she keeps deluding herself that only one person can possibly send messages. The last message "Nacy" ever sent to that deranged bitch Kathryn O Catshit was in 2004 when she told her to never contact her or her group's members again after banning her ass. But Catshit has all these imaginary conversations with someone who has years ago kicked her out of her group and her life. Despite the fact that Catshit still stalks her.
Check out the part where Catshit claims she was going to "leave" that forum. It is a well known fact that Catshit never leaves anywhere. It takes a banning to actually get rid of her and even then that doesn't always work. Catshit was on Tina's forum and causing trouble there. Catshit was never published "multiple times" either. It's so obvious how she builds herself up like she's the world's most popular person. Getting a grip on reality is never going to happen with that attention whore. It was also during that time that Catshit threatened on another board (Macca's Fun House) that she would publish slanderous content against someone. Here you see proof that she did threaten such things as by her nasty words about Tina. That all one has to do is read her shit on that one paragraph there to know she only wanted to get other people to help her bash someone who banned her from their forum too.
And her story wasn't inspired, it was someone else's content that Catshit simply ripped off. That's how she got into PID was from someone who attended a couple of MOWFO meetings who just brought it up. This person doesn't even know her content was used by Catshit. It was just Catshit wanting into a forum thinking she was going to get popular there.
But they (PID) know the truth about her now.
Then Catshit goes off again about how she isn't a bully and continues to BULLY people who have no desire to ever see or hear from her again!
She bullies Anne about being bi-polar, she bullies Diane and calls her names and lies out her ass about some shit that never took place or greatly distorted.
Then she throws in some name; Scott, who was apparently the one who sent the message. I'm guessing the whole thing is made up. Or Scott is just another one of those people who had enough of her harassment and told her off. Don't see how that would connect the poor lady that is always being blamed for everything Catshit does, or gets her ass handed to her from.
Catshit rages herself into a frenzy about all these people she's a revealed psychopath in front of and then claims she doesn't care about them. Hrm strange that she has spent so much time posting about them and continually lies about them even to this day.
Nobody watches Catshit in anything either. Catshit makes a point to get herself seen with her underhanded tactics and minions who are her trolls-in-training.
The SCA thing is a laugh coming from Catshit. The SCA guy in question is Chris and he certainly won't be letting her anywhere near his house.
Meanwhile Nacky is welcome in several households in the SCA. She just doesn't visit the bible-studiers houses. Because they are strict church-goers and have no association with people who are not of their same faith. It happens. Nobody cares about what those SCA bible folks are doing and they're not getting very many visitors outside their church hub. BTW Catshit attacked them too when they wouldn't side in with her against Nacky. Catshit was banned from their groups and told Nacky all about what happened. So everyone is on the same page as far as "Misery" is concerned.
The FBI thing she adds to her post, as you can see by the screenshots that Catshit kept adding sickly shit to her post there, is even more hilarious. Catshit is offended someone actually contacted the FBI about her shit. Looks like Catshit's been doing some forging emails and desperately trying to pin it on her victims. Victims that she refers to as stalkers.
Needless to say, none of those people were contacted. It's a bunch of drama from the attention whoring drama queen herself.
And she has no real readers. She's revealed herself for what she is. Everyone has dropped her like the shitwad she is.
August 4th, 2011

August 4th again!
Catshit found another person to harass, this time a guy but the creepy slimebagged Catshit refers to him as a her. He's male and lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, as mentioned on his profile. He even shares his own experiences regarding the Crazy Catshit when she sends HIM a message and then has the gall to tell him to leave her alone!
Catshit just doesn't let up on her trying to involve any innocent into her drama and crap. Turns out Catshit stalked him too!
Catshit makes some dumbass remark about showing his supposed "letter" to the authorities! Yeah I'm sure they went and knocked down his door right away!
Oh FTR the crazy bitch noticed she was banned right away. One thing about Kathryn O...she never leaves any site. She has to be banned to be gotten rid of.
And her claims that the people she's attacking are just not important to her really doesn't make for truth when you see the long line of continuing posts trying to intimidate, bully, bullshit, advise and mindgame them like an obsessive mentally warped loser with a huge ax to grind.
Catshit and her "enjoying multiple fandoms" tantrum...yeah she sure enjoys stalking people and the celebrities thereof, but she was banned from those "multiple fandoms".

August 4th again!!
Incidently none of her posts here make any sense because it's all her same insane delusional bullshit. FTR; that person Star never put any tags on the other lady. The person in question was never ON digital spy and did ask to be left out of any dealings concerning Kathryn's minions. Like someone we know who thinks she's God's gift or something.
Again, nobody posed as that bitch on Hak5. And before her post was removed by Hak5 administrator Boris, she didn't post any threats against Paul (remember she thinks she's saving him) but what the post entailed was a copy and paste from an old post in another forum before her obsession with Paul began, and she edited it from what she said back then because she didn't want people to read her sorry excuses for why she was phone stalking people. Then she added the request that a private forum and PID be hacked! NOT Paul, but the other people. Then asked if they could read private messages within Paul's official site. THAT is what the post said. No threats were ever posted except against the people who have made their own forums.
And for someone who keeps claiming she doesn't care about what people are doing or saying, she sure devotes all her posts attacking them.
Check out all the nasty name-calling. That sociopathic Kathryn O'Connor at it again.

Oh look! August 4th AGAIN!
This time she's spun herself into insane-o world to the degree of steep psychosis!
It's kinda mind-numbing that this bitch is still calling people stalkers when here she is replying to all they say on her creepy journal showing she's obviously stalking their forums and blogs!
Please note that she herself says that she doesn't know who posted on Hak5, even though she had already posted previously that George Harrison told her it was supposed to have been Nacky. Please see screenshot in my previous blog. Thanks.
Also, not sure whose emotions she thinks she's stirring here. :/
She's certainly not stirring anyone's interest in Paul with her inane and gushing fannish nonsense.
Gothic Beauty was never thrown out of any BDSM group either. Catshit really did come onto someone's underaged son. Why? Because, as she herself put it, he looked like Dirk Benedict.
August 5th, 2011
Note to those who don't know: Catshit has a real hatred for Stella McCartney. You can pretty much figure out how insane and stupid her post is there.
And she thinks she writes better fics [sic]then everyone else. xD

August 5th again!
The bullshit here is seeping with oozy slime. Why is she still harping on PID members? No wonder they kicked her out! Holy shit!!
It's kinda hilarious seeing this psycho talk about other people's writing style, when hers is the worst and actually does use a lot of he said, she said. All of Catshit's fics are nothing more than long ass rambling sessions of her own talking to herself and believing that somehow Beatles members are listening. WTF?
Another well known fact is she never backs up what she lies so much about. But everyone else CAN back up what they say because Catshit leaves trails of shit everywhere.
There was also no other little group ragging on any fics in PID. That is another Catshit fabrication. See if she really posted anyone else's fics in other "Beatles writing groups", and she was able to get other people to help her slam something, she would have posted those links with those very comments in her gloating.
Instead she just made it all up.
Ergo; another transparent lie from the Batshit Kathryn O.
Funny though that she should be saying that a story shows true colors and something about foaming at the mouth...hmmm, because that's exactly how I'd describe her own fics and her constant out-of-the-blue attacks on random people.
And asking Lily about Gothic Beauty is a laugh! Since none of what she says about this person is even remotely true.
Gothic Beauty was never rejected by her husband. Never happened. What DID happen though was when Catshit went to one of those "sex parties" she stripped down to nothing and as you can imagine she grossed out everyone there. Catshit doesn't shave her armpits, her legs or even her skanky snatch. Catshit also doesn't bathe or shower very often. People saw the hair all up and down her thighs and wouldn't even touch her! That's what really happened. Catshit was asked to not be there and they kept her away. Catshit tried to join another BDSM group and started crap with them about being married or not married or whatever. She was banned from that community too.
Her promise of leaving people alone is another lie. In truth PID members weren't even talking about her and this was her attack on them for ignoring her.
Catshit also reported the "fic" that was posted there about her obsessive shit against them. It boils down to Catshit thought she was going to save Paul from the boogyman. They banned her for being a psycho stalker who stalks them now.
Oy. Another HUGE projection here. And yep. Catshit's still living in a fantasy world.

This is Catshit at one of the creepiest cunty stalking tactics she tries to pull off when her other methods of attack don't work. The Intimidation Tactic. My God, she is actually posting an imaginary conversation between her and this lady DeAnna's guides. O.O
Um, DeAnna's guides would advise DeAnna to block any energy from the Catshit One. Like immediately.
Catshit's twisted mindgame here was to try and scare DeAnna. But the result was far from fear. Catshit merely managed to make a total basketcase of herself and garner hysterical laughter from the intended target and her family and friends.
Another August 14th ranting insane rant...

LOL! She calls others creepy after posting a freak ass weirdo conversation involving DeAnna's spirit guides. O.O
The only drama being created here is by Cathsit herself.
Fact is, Catshit reported their forum numerous times. Even Macca Fun House showed proof of this. Catshit also reported the little fic that she claims didn't bother her.
For some reason she attacks Russ and Nacky all over again with the same lies.
Russ never discussed his relationships with this crazy lunatic Catshit. He is not mentally ill. He has no problems maintaining relationships. Unlike the homewrecker Catshit is who cannot keep anyone for very long. Except psychopaths just like her. Check FizBin who abuses practically everyone on forums and keeps all kinds of porn (legal and otherwise) on his HD.
The Richard she addresses is also another target but he has never met this bitch, nor would let her get anywhere near him with her mouth. Or anything for that matter! We're talking SKANK and UGLY bitch.
The attacks on Nacky are utterly ridiculous. Nacky does sell clothing and other items and she is NOT banned from SCA. She did NOT forge anyone's email, that was Catshit and her minion Betty who did all that. And people have proof of this. It has been presented numerous times before. Most of the evidence is on Nacky's group where they all compared notes and even spoke in person to exchange other info...YES the very group Catshit keeps thinking is gone! The one that went through name-changes until the threat was removed for good; i.e. all of Catshit's and Betty's aliases. Once they were purged, the group got on with its normal fun again.
Nacky did NOT murder anyone. Nobody in SCA is hating on Nacky. The one they really hate is this crazy bitch from Michigan who kept invading their groups. Gee, I wonder who that could be?!
So you see, Catshit's story just holds no water.
Talk about a loop! Catshit praises someone (who didn't know the other side of the story at the time) for calling them "trolls" and hammers on that because she wants her targets to feel helpless. The typical MO of KO!
Kinda like she's saying "Yes yes help me call them names! Yessss be a good little minion! I hope you STAY my minion and ignore who the obvious and real troll is!"
But it looks like Brigid wasn't entirely sold on Catshit's shit. :O LOL!
Another insane flippant outburst. August 16th, 2011. Paul nor his staff have any proof of anything to do with Hak5. They never looked into it and they lied to others about it. And Catshit now openly admits she's been reporting the fuck outta PID forum! The liar always paints herself into a corner. Catshit is actually a very bad liar for someone who lives her entire life lying about everything.
Nacky didn't send any email forged or otherwise.
Richard stated that Catkick could sure dish it out but just can't take (as proof so abundantly here) and the bitch just repeated what he said about her.

 Brigid. Another poor soul who tried to reason with the Insane One and it's like having acid thrown in your face. None of Brigid's sound advice went heeded.
Catshit is a lunatic from Hell.
Pretty sure Jesus would deny this toxic Catkicker thing by all acounts. He rebuked such liars and psychopaths then, I'm sure his stance hasn't changed one bit.
Oh look August 16th again!
It's kinda weird she's actually saying that her own argument isn't validated. But the dumb bitch actually says; as if a graphic description validated my argument when I said it wasn't true. LMAO!
She keeps trying to claim that she doesn't read anything they post! At all! Ever! But keeps responding with hysteria to everything people are posting and making all these LJ posts about it!
She says she hasn't bothered with their site for YEARS but here we have all these posts by her that show how BAD of a LIAR she is! She's definitely reading their forum everyday and posting this garbage of hers many times a day to boot!
Her lame and sorry excuse that she peeked in when she "got a forged email" is the biggest pile of BULLSHIT!
Let me state again, Nacky did NOT send any goddamned email to that warped bitch! Catshit is making it all up! If it's real it certainly wasn't Nacky! It wasn't forged either because the headers would have had some info there. Catshit is fucking delusional and wants others to believe this bullshit!
It's all made up or someone really did tell her off and she can't stand it so, her go-to psycho play is to blame it all on Nacky! The real victim in all of this.
Not that Nacky is the only victim, mind you.
I've posted that email on my journal and can post it again if you'd like -Catshit spews.
Um, you already posted it twice, dipshit. Personally, I liked that letter because it called you out Catshit! You must be desperate. :)
John Hoffman did in fact tell the people who contacted him that Kathryn O'Connor (and I'm quoting him here) lives in a total dream world. She is not mentally healthy. Those were his words.
There's even saved emails of other stuff he said about her. We should post that here too!
Nacky is NOT a stalker. That little cruise-tossed Dirk obsessor Kathryn O'Connor is the real stalker!
Nacky has not passed on anything to any PID group. Nacky isn't even ON that group!
Nacky didn't converse with them about anything and if there was contact between her and them, they contacted her and she simply told them what KO was and who she stalked prior to stalking them. That would have been the extent of the contact there.
Notice how Catshit invents this whole conspiracy that Nacky is keeping them all stirred up yet here we have screenshot after screenshot of the real culprit!
I'll bet she didn't count on anyone saving the evidence!
Anyway Nacky hasn't had anything to do with Catshit's bullshit spewings.
Nacky is a victim of this horrid little stalker, after all.
Screenshot continued below:

Richard is right. Catshit was banned from several pagan communities. Ask them. Check into any pagan community in the Detroit area. Kathryn O'Connor is very well known for all the abuse she has dished out and all the trouble she caused there.
The sexual remarks was actually about KO's trying to come onto a 13 year old. Notice how she leaves out whatever Richard said, doesn't even link to it so people can see what was really stated and tries to make him out to be the creep!
Typical sociopathic tactic of hers.
Then she actually compares Paul to Jesus.

Here she shows how sick she is with her delusions that Paul gives one shit about her playing his saviour. Paul didn't thank Catshit for anything!
And on August 16th AGAIN! The furious postings of a raving psycho-crazed piece of shit!

Number 1, Catshit has been reporting that PID forum since 2009! Every day for the last how many years? This post is in 2011, so she's been reporting them for two or three years by this point! This laughable claim of hers that she doesn't bother them is so full of shit!
Number 2, Once again, Nacky did not send the flaming crackpot of insanity any goddamned emails!
Why is Catshit SO determined to keep bringing it up anyway? Oh yeah because she's an obsessive insane stalker trying to make PID people see some sinister doings or somethin'. What a pathetic piece of shit Catshit is!
Catshit's mindgame never worked on them.
You see, PID members are smart people! Whether or not Paul is dead or alive is really beside the point here.
And AGAIN, Nacky's family NEVER suggested to their own flesh and blood to take any meds of any sort! Why? Because there is NO reason for a healthy sane woman like Nacky TO take meds! This is just more of Catshit talking SHIT about people! This is Catshit's mental insanity and insane lies that you see here! Not Nacky's.
And Nacky's family are all about eating healthy and staying away from drugs. Big Pharma or otherwise!
For fucksakes.
Yes PID did say that Catshit is a mental case! IT IS that way! They are 100% CORRECT!
WWJD? Certainly not anything Catshit does! Catshit literally acts and sounds like a total fucking unhinged nutjob of a psycho's nutsack!
This is another example of what Jesus would NOT do!
Nobody was plotting anything in the forum. They just noted the flurry of attacks on her insane whacko journal again.
The screenshot is showing the date of August 17th! A whole 'nother day and she's back with more bitching, whining and bullshit attention seeking because her plot of reporting them didn't work again.
Here she starts another round of furious ranting posts in a single day!
August 18th, 2011.
Well it seems she's super fixated on Richard.
He knows of her, even if he never met her. He knows about her antics from others in the community he belongs to. You can read all about it on the PID forum where he did join that forum.
The insane SHIT she posts about Satan and the FBI and her being a favorite of Satanic elders is also one huge clump of delusion, disconnect from reality and schizophrenic as you can imagine!
For further information on her lies and fantasy about all that, if anyone wishes to attain the whole scope of things and the real story of what Catshit is blathering on and lying about, please see Macca Fun House and Michigan Pagans Group and ask them what their mods and/or elders think of Kathryn O'Connor.
And for further proof that Catshit is lying out her ass about the FBI coming to her to ask questions about any cult or religious goings-on in Satanism, please see the facts here!
NOWHERE in there do they even bother to ask anyone involved in some fantasy world Catshit seems to live in, or even worried about some nutjob in Bloomfield Hills being an alleged devout follower of any Satanic cult.
She lives in a total dreamworld. Just like John Hoffman said!
Goddamn her catkick livejournal is crazier than anything the most ardent PIDer ever thought of saying!

August 18th, the next hour!
The very distorter of truth is the one who posted the shit you see screencapped before you. FACT!
Anyway PID was making fun of one of her last posts when she said she hopes someone breaks a blood vessel. As you can see here, Catshit has been bursting blood vessels all over the place!
Here is what PID members said that brought on Catshit's latest blood splattering episode at the O'Connor Looney Bin in Bloomfield Hills...
Catshit posted: "I hope you burst a blood vessel in your brain from all that unhealthy anger you harbor."

They responded: Read it backwards, it makes more sense!
"I harbor anger so unhealthy that I post my hope of you bursting a blood vessel in your brain!"
Then as you can see, Catshit repeated the same moronic thing again after peeking onto their forum again. Honestly, they were just laughing at her spasms and flurries of windbag attacks. Who wouldn't?
August 18th again and she's still talking to herself!
 I'm going to a big to-do! Nobody cares, Catshit. Go me! I wanna gross people out by walking naked in a room all day!
Where to begin. One thing, she can't decide if her imaginary stalker has found her friends or her imaginary lover that she calls "Tom" because her lies just can't keep track of themselves.
My friends asked me about it, she found YOU, is it him? No, he slept with me so it wasn't him...we BOTH dropped it, they're still my friend...
WTF? Is she seeing one person as a dozen or just a couple extra bodies there?
Anyway now for the truth! There is no Tom. The man she's trying to refer to is actually Earl.
Here's his myspace profile, Earl the real guy, NOT the imaginary Tom that Catshit is trying to claim she slept with and out to dinner with. He has already went on record to say that Catshit is one fucked up bitch and that he never would have put his manhood anywhere near her! He said that's some delusion she lives in!
And it goes without saying, Nacky did not create any extra accounts on myspace to warn anyone about the crazy bitch. Nacky did not pose as anyone's friend in order to get to Earl (who is a real guy) and she didn't contact random people, least of all Earl himself! Nacky did not contact any of Catshit's friends because there's no way to contact imaginary people! Didn't happen. That's just more of Catshit's tin foil hat wearing craziness.
Catshit doesn't even know his NAME! There she is just making up another lie right on the spot. FTR, he does actually have 2 photos of the crazy bitch in his photos area. He calls her the ugly hairy armpit evil clown.
Just sayin'.
And poor Richard who actually did some research into her pathetic shit, because his friends were being harassed by Catshit. He didn't have to ignore anything Misery Pest Control said, because they backed up everything they said.
It was Catshit who forged emails and sent threats and all kinds of steel dildoed bullshit that she pulls out of her ass!
The last sentences of her insanity rant is hilarous. Apparently Catshit cares more about those of us who have seen the light and rebuked her!
And she's since been sussed out of the "two's" fandom. None of them can stand her!
Julian Lennon even blocked her from his own website!
And these friends who she claims are her big strength and salvation...these would be the collective members of a group called MOWFO.
Gee, it seems that Misery Pest Control didn't have to do anything (not that they did, they just gathered in their own space to discuss their experiences) but sit back and watch Catshit (Misery) hang herself! Too damned funny! Popcorn anyone?
More bullshit. Um, MPL actually contacted several people in several forums asking about this Catshit bitch.
It's funny about that Catshit, does she even realize what her own journal is really all about? I can answer that! It's about attacking and slandering all kinds of people!

The best evaluation of these two screenshots from Catshit's journal, the first draft and the final edit she posted, is that she definitely excells in projection as you can clearly see here!
Catshit spends her life attacking and insulting people, she goes onto bullying and stalking when people aren't paying the big queenie enough attention!
Like all her posts, they're all about her!
To Catshit, it's all about her!
Seems like Catshit's blood vessels have all burst and now she's working on bursting her boiled ass all over her padded walls. She attacks several members of a forum she keeps claiming she doesn't read! Wow.
One of the most revealing things is that when someone calls HER bi-polar, she immediately defends her bi-polar bullshit, despite the fact she has ruthlessly attacked many people before whether they were bi-polar or not. A very soft-spoken man who has the disorder was attacked by Catshit's venomous slurs and her purpose for behaving the way she has to him has caused him great distress. The man has had suicidal thoughts. What did Catshit do? Kept reminding him how much better and healthier she is than him. He was belittled by her for taking meds, and yet on her own insane journal, as documented here, has blasted innocent people who don't even have the disorder for not taking meds!
Good grief!
Then she goes off on some tangent about the 1980s. Nobody knows why she seems to insert these crazy theories about what everyone was doing or thinking during the 1980s, but we chock it up to her crack meth-induced ramblings.
BTW Richard nor Duke ever interrupted any threads. They made their own and there were many replies from fellow members. I guess in Catshit's mind if one of their threads gets active it must mean there's an interruption somehow.

Oh yeah here we go! Remember all Catshit's "I don't read your board!" BS?
Well here she flat out admits that even when they IP ban her, she still found a sneaky way to stalk them!
That's right! Catshit herself posted that!
Not only has she proven that she's a LIAR because she tried to claim she didn't read PID forums since years ago, here she's now admiting that even when they banned her and IP banned her, she went out of her way by using proxies to continue to read their forum!
Oh yeah and Catshit went directly to Gothic's ex-neighbor and got some dirt on her...NOT! Another bunch of total trash-talking. That Catshit can't stand it that people are showing what she is, so she goes into overdrive with her bullshit lies!
And PID was obviously reported again by Catshit. PID and PB even considered what the private forum ended up doing...moving to a different server!
But as it stands, PID only violated the one thing Catshit hates; posting some facts about her psycho behaviour and her totally nutjob claims. Catshit just can't stand others to have free speech!
FTR, nobody was posting any nasty "28" posts on MPL. Previously Catshit calimed it was 25 posts. The numbers always change when she tries to sell her new bunch of lies.
FTR, nobody but Catshit is "stuck home" with any problematic life. As a matter of FACT, the one victim she's always being psycho about takes their loved ones and family members with them wherever they go!
Meanwhile Catshit is at her mother's house trying to use the internet to make her delusional mentally deranged vendettas come true because she still hasn't hooked that one celebrity man whom she thinks needs to provide her with a mansion, I'm-better-than-you status and mafia connections.
Catshit still believes that will happen.

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  1. That psycho slime has really got to take her meds because if someone is posing as her, they're not admitting anything! But alas, we all know it was her anyway. I see she loves to play stupid and milks the whole thing as if nobody can tell she's just wanking to her own dirty deeds thinking she's brilliant or something.