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The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch

This is very telling of her mentally sick thought-process. The sick fuck is actually boasting about being able to come up with a lame name for her victims and patting herself on her back for being such a pathetic bully.
This is also one of the many posts where she makes this so-called claim that Paul McCartney is actually talking to her! She addresses him as "Sir".
Nobody (except the Psycho little shithead herself) called anyone Christmas fruitcakes, least of all a famous man who couldn't care less about this psycho woman's drama! He is NOT interested nor involved with her! For Christsake he doesn't even know she exists! I wonder when that fact will dawn on her? Her post is just one long rambling lunatic rant and self praise.

Gee, it seems that she removes all her own spew so she won't get reported. The dumb stalker is only still there because she removes her violations after about a couple of days, sometimes she removes her shit within a couple of hours so she won't get caught.

This is just another typical attack out of nowhere. She couldn't find anyone else to bash so she used one of her little favorite delusions and posted her tantrum. We guess that she must have had another yahoo account closed down for sending threats. Further the insane bitch isn't quoting anyone there. Nobody ever said that, but we all know how SickShit loves to twist things. The whole thing about Spring / Easter makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! But every year of every day, you can be sure the SickShit Kathryn O'Connor is stirring up shit somewhere with some unfortune soul.
And check it out; the insanely raving psycho woman still has NO idea what the SCA is! Years ago she claimed to be going out to "disco parties" with them - the SCA folks!
They all had such a laugh at her obvious retarded emails back then, knowing full well that little Miss Psycho Kathryn O'Connor was really at home trying to plot her next email bombing upon the Battlestar Galactica Yahoogroup.
As for the lady she attacks, she has never been banned from the SCA. The truth is that the lady and some other people weren't of the same religion that the local SCA chapter's leader wanted them to be (yes, other people were targeted besides Psycho Cunt's victim) and it was a banning on people from other religions from joining certain functions within the SCA. That's all it was, folks! But even I can tell you this...it sure does take one HELLUVA loser psychopathic cuntish windbag to be banned from MOWFO! What a total loser!

And this is all just in the month of April! Who's the psycho in Easter time now?
So anyway these should begin to show people how incredibly unstable, demented and crazy Kathryn O'Connor is. She claims to still write to Dirk Benedict...to complain to him about these imaginary people in her twisted fucked-up brain that she calls The Dirkette Mafia and how they are still bothering her! i.e. Dirk fans that the crazy psycho troll Kathryn O'Connor has harassed are bothering her because they are still alive, and that bothers her. This poor man who had successfully blocked all her snail mail to his official P.O.Box years ago is now fodder in her insane rants on Livejournal. It's hilarious how she claims he is still somehow on her side?!?!! My GAAAWWWD!
 Dirk Benedict is NOT interested in that crazy incinerated troll woman! Nor was he ever on her side. He knows she attacked his fansite and members there for years and got banned by his request when everyone else had done a mass blocking of her crazy fucking ass and all her numerous fake accounts.
By the way, Kathryn O'Connor was the one who joined Hak5 and posted there asking hackers to take down other people's sites, including DBC, AND to snoop on Paul McCartney's site. That if that was unsuccessful, to take that down too.
Hak5 has confirmed that it was the stinking crazy bitch Kathryn O'Connor and her equally retarded minion who helped her. The route trace still showed a Bloomfield Hills Michigan IP. This is her account on Hak5. She used her onscreen nic so the "hackers" could find her and contact her. Not to mention she used her own email address.

Nope! Nacky didn't do shit. Crazy Mental Case Psychopathic Kathryn O'Connor did the deed and her frivilous attempts to get unknown people to believe her confusing bullshit is just as pathetic. Since the person who's being blamed knows that she didn't do it, it showed her that Kathryn O'Connor is still the fucking mentally insane nutcase she threw off her group years ago! It also confirmed for Nacky that this sick bitch was the real culprit and that there were no doubts of who did it after these crazy ranting posts.
And Bibbinut nor Nacky blamed each other, either. This never happened. This was another epic fail on Psycho Catshit's part thinking she was causing something. It failed. Epically. They both knew KO (Catshit) did it. And Catshit herself knows she did it. But watch her pathetic attempt after ludicrously pathetic attempt to still try and blame someone else when Catshit was caught red handed! What happened was the stinking troll snuck back on the private forum and found some posts there documented from her stomping in on other people's groups days and grabbed the post where she babbled on some other support group (that she was banned from too btw because she did follow Nacky there! KO stalking Nacky you see?) and then re-posted it on Hak5 asking for hackers to destroy the forum and Dirk's site and well you know the rest.
And she even editted out the part where she admitted to making phone calls to Nacky's home! And the lies about how the police gave her permission to call the victim! The police never gave the nutbag any permission to call anyone! Least of all the very person who's doing the stalking; Kathryn O'Connor! But she omitted that part of her post and copied it onto Hak5. The edited version that is, and re-posted her same whining crap there. Only that dingbatted bitch would post that shit and omit incriminating details so she didn't look like the stalker she is. That's why she was banned in the first place by the guy who owned the first forum! Only that sick bitch would do that. Nobody else. That's why we all knew it was Catshit without a doubt! And by the way, the piece of shit Catshit did leave threatening messages on the phone so she even contradicted her own "cop story" about them allowing her to call someone as long as there weren't any threats! Um, there were threats and like I said, the police never gave that stalking cuntwad any such permission to do anything to Nacky!!

Catshit is not going to mention any names but in the very next sentence...DEAN! Gotta shake your head at her blatant self-contradictions. Don't worry Dean, you're just a figment of a very sick woman's warped imaginary world.
And she even names one more! "Sir" (meaning Paul McCartney)! Yes she posts about him as if he's actually reading any of her bullshit tripe there! A wedding present and he'll know when "he" sees it! For fucksakes she's really living in la-la-land! Psst Paul isn't reading your posts, Kathryn O'Shit, nor is he coming to save you from yourself. Or anyone. Gotta crash sometime, bitch, might as well be now.
And George (as in George Harrison) is being used as the lying sack of shit's tool there! George lying for a Pathetic Psycho Nutcase about someone whom George, if he even ventured such a ghostly and ghastly look into Drama Queen Cathshit's mind, would know the culprit instantly! Knowing full well that Nacky had nothing to do with that shit! Wow imagine George's wrath being lied about like that! LOL!
And the blamed victim knowing now without a doubt that it was Kathryn O the SICK BITCH who posted on Hak5! That was confirmation enough! But the Psycho Bitch keeps on proving how guilty she really is. Read on in further screenshots.
What a coward to use a dead man, who cannot defend himself, to make these INSANE claims! Nobody buys it, Catshit! Nobody! Check yourself into a fucking looney bin NOW! George doesn't talk to you! He's been dead for years! He has NO interest in your fucking bullshit drama, bitch! He wouldn't give a fucking two craps about your psycho problems of being caught red handed and he isn't going make your lies come true either, you SICK motherfucker!
As for the Dirk thing. Seems like every time she pissed someone off in the Dirk community she turned around and saw that as another opportunity to harass Dirk some more! Really sending him magazines? Maybe she should have stopped her bullshit and taken a hint? Because Dirk ended up blocking her permanently from ever contacting him again! How's that for ya!
My God she even goes so far as to brag about making things hard on Dirk because she is sending him shit for no reason other than to be a creep because she can't handle being outed as a psycho stalker in his fandom! I can't even imagine what Paul McCartney would have gotten by now if she had his P.O.Box snail-mail address!
And this "video proof" she still claims to have? Please see the real matter here and here and here and here. The Catshit bitch is a liar! There was no positive interaction with Dirk and his stalker Kathryn O'Connor! And she did cause Dirk to stop coming to Michigan and when he did come back, his security was on alert and kept the Psycho Bitching bitch AWAY from Dirk. TRUTH!
R.I.P. George Harrison. We are sorry that there's a psycho woman who has severe mental problems trying to cause your loved ones any problems because of her obvious sickness. To his family and loved ones, we know he is resting peace and isn't communicating with a mentally deranged woman in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan who has lied her whole life and needs to seek professional help.

The second screenshot was added to by Catshit after a few hours. Lucky we caught it in time before it disappeared.
So look at the flippant rambling crazy here and see her claiming that someone's gonna get charged with something. Never happened. Crazy Batfuck goes into a whole stalker fantasy about some seminar at a con and stalking laws that for some reason concentrated on Canada :/ and then announces she's going to shove personal info on someone in Canada into Dirk's face! WTF is Dirk supposed to do? Drop down to the floor and start kissing her big fat ass in front of everyone and beg the internets to join her cause? To get him to white knight for her? To get him to notice her?
I guess she graduated from Stalking School! Cause why does she keep claiming to have personal info on someone? To intimidate them, of course! Catshit is a stalker who will claim to have your personal info.
Really Kathryn O'Connor really needs to address all her posts towards herself! They are all her delusions and mindgames after all.

Yes Catshit...your projections are laughable when this clearly should be something you should do...take a hard, long look at yourself! But sociopaths like you don't see anything wrong, you little sociopathic hag.
That's one obsessed bitch! The same one who asks hackers to destroy other people's sites and accounts. Then rages onto her journal and other forums and screams that they're doing those deeds to her! To try to make it look as if she's being hacked. Yeah she's not too bright.

Another scream for attention.
According to her, someone had tried to hack her (again) but anyone can tell how phony all this is. Catshit has had numerous accounts on Yahoo and Yahoo themselves removed them because she violated their terms. So how are a big corporation acting as little pity parties to her and being aware of anything happening with her? The answer is NO. They are not even concerned about her psycho problems in her head and anyone who has a Yahoo account knows automatically how full of shit her claims here are. They do not send anyone a letter about passwords. Her story here is so bogus. They do not send letters to people with compromised accounts. They have a feature that locks an account if too many unsuccessful results are detected and now they even log the IP of unsuccessful logins. But you'll not find one mention of that by her! Just a bunch of bullshit about how they're all watching out for poor-widdle-crazy-woman who spends her life online looking to cause trouble and play like she's innocent.
She must have gotten a thrill to lie to people who bought into her mindgames.
The Paul McCartney forum she mentions here and someone's alleged 25 nasty posts is also a big bunch of bullshit. She's confusing someone named Mark with one her other victims. And the lady in Canada never posted anything nasty on MPL, not to mention, none of the others she's always accusing even bothered to join MPL. So there you go.

When looking at all of Catshit's posts and her continuing psycho shit, the word redundancy does seem the best way to describe Catshit.
Now about her neverending shit post above.
This is some of the biggest bullshit lies you'll read anywhere. First she goes on and on about what's the in the private forum that is a hub of people that Catshit stalks and spent years harassing and threatening. But we see here proof that she stalked her way right onto that forum (several times in fact and had to be IP banned, email banned, banned across the board, boy she can't take a hint!) to post her garbage and distorted lies about what's in there. Catshit starts off her insane journal post here with some accusation about redundancies while she totally ignores how ridiculously redundant she is!! Think about all her posts on every damned thing and how she's nothing but a broken record of insane.
You'll see further on how she harps on things forever, and her constant need to bash into people about bi-polar this and bi-polar that. She comes off like the insane serial killer you'd expect of someone wanting to do away with anyone with an emotional range that she herself claims to be better than everyone else at!
She sure has this unbelievable amount of hatred and narcissistic rage against people who've only ever been honest when they told her that she's crazy and demented and to seek help after having to deal with her insanity. After they all had put up with SO MUCH grief from her and her bullshit lies and Dirk obsessions.
Secondly, the ludicrous claims continue about what was even on another group (R&S still going strong despite the numerous name-changes and there was more than two name-changes they had to in order to avoid further grief from this insane twisted bitch who kept trying to get back onto their group and several other groups members were also in) and the group's archive, still intact, shows exactly what happened.
Catshit tries to claim that Nacky said something that she never said or posted. Nacky was never a sufferer of any mental disorders like bi-polar disorder. She was never told by any family member any such a goddamn thing and when you see Catshit making these claims to still have those posts, please notice that Catshit never posts them and we KNOW she would if she really had anything like that! She has definitely posted other people's private letters and even posted links before, so we all know she will if she has anything. The way to know she's lying out her ass is noticing the lack of links, posts or anything that could back it up. Another way to tell she's lying is if you see her ugly mouth moving and see anything written by her. It's an OUT RIGHT LIE if she tries to come off with the "privacy reasons" excuse.
She doens't have any such post because it never existed! No content shared. Nope. Nothing to share. Catshit lies like she breathes.
Catshit also seems to believe people are sending her imaginary friends links to anything like a forum. This is simply not true nor ever happened.
The link was shared with others in the know. Word just got around.
Catshit can't seem to realize that her nastiness is well-known and she seems content to actually print off what people say about her online and show it to every damned person who will give her 5 minutes of their time.
I'm sure all of them know how deranged she is and they must think to themselves; why is this bitch showing me what people say about her? She's either relishing the attention she's getting or she thinks I can do something about it! Deranged bitch go away!
Furthermore, the group was never deleted despite her delusional creepy obsession over it. She wants to believe the group is gone because that's where she posted all that Dirk cruise shit of hers. Lying her ass off and people telling her to get a life! That's what was in that group.
And to the contrary of what Catshit says; she did NOT have any fun on any holiday because she spent it like all the rest...in her mother's house in little one-horse town Bloomfield Hills on her mother's computer posting the garbage you see on her insane journal.
And very contrary to her fantasy that Nacky or anyone for that matter is reading all her posts on Beatles sites, let me assure you that's definitely not the case!
We know Catshit has this fantasy that she controls people because she assumes they're just like her. If anything Catshit was busy reading everything on that PID forum!
Oh WAIT! YES! That's exactly what happens!
LOL that crazy Catshit sure does project much.
Anyway nobody posted about any such problems in Nacky's group that Catshit claims. They posted about the problem of that crazy bitch Kathryn O'Connor (Catshit), though!
Catshit was banned forever and despite that Catshit sent all sorts of death threats, spam and other nonsense, tried to forge their emails when they all blocked her kathy_seven and fur_vore emails, Catshit is still waging war with them. Catshit is and remains the stalker! A stalker who loves to lie, and make all her victims out to be what she is.
Catshit thinks she has control over them in that way.
But Catshit has been revealed for what she is a long time ago.
This is why a forum for people who've been stalked by her had started to come into being.
Had Catshit left them alone, none of it would have developed to how it is now. All those death threats and harassing emails, thousands of them about Dirk, and her insanity becoming dreadfully surreal about what she thought she was going to do to all these people for banning her and not believing her lies. All those creepy phone calls, letters and so on.
Just note how nasty she is towards these people that have their own stories to tell.
Now you see why Catshit has spent years trying to destroy other people's sites and groups. She doesn't want the evidence to be available anywhere.
But it sure is! And it will remain!

It's like she talks to herself. This is a post about Catshit obviously. LOL
More creep posting by Catshit. Projections galore.
The broken record with the same old bullshit again. 
Then Catshit goes and edits in more (see screenshot below). Apparently Catshit jacks off to her own shit posts and somehow believes her writing is great. Writing that is defined by utter lack of thought, grammar, correct spelling, use of the English language or intelligence. In otherwords, Catshit's writing is horrid and infantile. She claims she's great as proof by her OWN blog post! Huh? Wow. That's some out-of-control ego there. She must crave being laughed at.
Her lies are so transparent, and more projection. For further info on her idea of "nowhere" all one had to do is look at the facts! So who's stuck? That would be Catshit in her mother's basement nursing her narcissistic rage for all eternity!
Crazy. Whackjob gigantic. Mega insane. So Catshit bitches about someone having an opinion about eye color! Please note how Catshit can include a link (when it serves her purpose - but will totally leave out any link that proves what a liar she is, just note that)
So she's gong off on some rageous tangent about eye color. Then in one of her replies to a bewildered Brigid, she lops on all this bullshit that makes no sense! Going from one person to the next as if they were all one person. For the record, Tina (of the PID forum) did contact a publisher because Catshit herself was threatening to slander her in print. Yeah like Catshit didn't expect that reaction. Dumb fucking bitch. She sure whined about it when the publisher wouldn't publish defamatory content on some real life person though, as you can see, whining about it in her fucking shit post.
And check out the total garbage she tells Brigid.
But Brigid already knows the truth by now.
The cruise was the event in which Catshit had accosted Dirk Benedict in some threatening way. An incident that involved Catshit pulling out her steel dildo and making unwanted advances at Dirk. The ship's security arrested and held Catshit in custody until the cruiseliner made port somewhere and they sent her straight home.
This is when unwitting members of another group were to be witness to the utterly insane and twisted lies from Kathryn O'Connor (Catshit) afterwards. It was them who threw her off their group after so much shit was posted by Catshit. At first Catshit had them all giving her attention and sympathy because Catshit had told them all how mistreated she was by those "nasty Dirkettes". Later after much confusion and upset that Catshit had caused that group, they all realized she was one big psychopathic liar and troll. Catshit was the one who threatened that group's admin (Nacky) and who sent numerous harassing emails and death threats to boot!
That's the TRUTH of what happened! Nacky was never that insane fuck's friend. Nacky was only the group owner who maintained a group and who had no idea what kind of crazy was on her group until Catshit's real personality began to reveal itself. Catshit's lies piled up. That's what members had seen and realized.
Nacky never posted any of Catshit's bullshit on any other group. It was a public group. Nobody needed to do anything. Catshit was doing herself in. There was NO suicide attempt from anyone on that crusie either. It was just another one of Catshit's lies to appear like a hero to Nacky and her group because none of them were there and Catshit figured they were easy targets to lie to. When Catshit realized nobody was buying into her lies anymore, and that they actually contacted Dirk's staff to get answers because of the obsessive trolling Catshit was doing, that's when Catshit started sending attacks and threats to Nacky and her group. Catshit even vowed to never leave Nacky alone and that she would see her die or killed. They all took the obvious steps to avoid any further contact from Catshit. Which didn't work fully, and they are, to this day, still being stalked or harassed in some way.
Like all her insane posts, this is another example of beginning with some unknown accusation (presumably against Astrid) then trails off into some warped bullshit about shooting at people with her concealed weapon. For the record, nobody contacted anyone concerning any forum. Everything you read at Catshit's journal is all projection. People actually know how to use search engines to find out things and the Survivors forum had seen an influx of new members sharing their experiences of this insane bitch. How they found it was simply because the twsited Catshit kept talking about it, and never shut up about it. Notice how determined she is to defame anyone who can shed light on her psychopathic behaviour and reveal her history of harassment. That's what was documented at the forum. It was never dedicated to her (though she likes to think it is) but the reality is, it's for victims to share their experiences of her and other stalkers like Catshit, to talk and to show what she had sent to all those people over the years. That's what she just couldn't stand! That people actually had a memory and saved the evidence of her absolute insane bullshit attacks. Catshit's post is another sickly example of her obsessiveness.
Another insane journal post. Another random attack on somebody for having an opinion different than hers, no doubt.
As for the whole police thing. She had claimed to have a gun on her journal and talked about shooting people passing by her house (see the screenshot of it above this one), then she sent the link to everyone and their dog. Naturally someone contacted the police. The police she refers to as being so nice to her, were actually telling a different story when they replied to the concerned citizens who reported her. The police told them that she was a crazy woman and that she lives in a total dreamworld and isn't in touch with reality! Their words. They also confirmed that her claiming to have a gun is just a big nonsense claim of hers.
 Catshit doesn't own any guns. For good measure you are free to ask Stu himself about her delusional crap.
Another thing to add: If a cop comes to your door and claims he didn't even bother to read what you wrote on the internet with your gun threats, and that (as was claimed) that he "knew" someone else was offering up BS, then WHY did he come to your fucking house to begin with?
Yeah bitch, you're fucking crazy and your so called P's and Q's don't mean shit when you are posting gun threats and other crap when in reality, you do not really own a gun!
In order to own one, you have to undergo a mental evaluation and we ALL know, you'd end up locked up in the looney bin if you ever even tried to apply for a gun.
Do you ever listen to yourself? Your posts are laughably insane. Scary creep though you are.
The below screencaps should have been at the top of this blog, but for some reason got shuffled to the bottom. They are dated March 2011, which should have been at the very top. Otherwise everything is pretty much in order as far as a timeline goes.
Dated March 16, 2011. This crazy lunatic, for the record is still piping her crazy lies about Hak5. Nobody threatened Paul McCartney. Her post was actually mostly about her victim and asked for the victim's evidence against her to be destroyed, and then ended with a request to hack the MPL site for any gossip that might have been sent in private about her. The fact is Psycho Bitch Catshit went into a forum called Hak5 and asked for the destruction of other forums.
Also nobody "told" this bitch anything or claimed innocence to her.
The anti-stalking blog which details this bitch's stalking activities, had posted that the Paul McCartney site got back in touch with them and told them it was an IP from the U.K. Facts, folks! Good stuff. Unlike the lies you see on Catshit's posts. Stalker bitch Catshit just reads everything on the diary that documents her stalking of them.
The only crazy I see is Catshit/Kathryn O'Connor!
LOL I'm wondering whatever happened to Paul's staff pressing charges? Hmm whatever became of that? Because Catshit knew she had lied her way out of it and probably knew they didn't give a crap but figured she'd use the fact they didn't go after her; the real culprit that she would milk this thing for all it's worth.
The stuff about Dirk is another glaring testimony of how insane she is!
Dated March 17, 2011.
Seems like Dirk had the right idea. Block the crazy bitch from ever contacting him again, via snail mail OR the internet! Of course Catshit will say that's bullying and belittling, etc. Blocking equals bullying in her twisted little creep stalker mind. After all.

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