Sunday, January 1, 2017

What We Intend

We have saved a multitude of nasty and harassing posts that a crazy troll and known stalker has posted publicly and continues to draw people into her lies. While she conducts some of the ugliest, untruthful and sadistic content, she is off telling others who are completely unaware of her, all these vicious lies about the people that have since learned what a psychopath and mentally deranged subhuman she is!

All the posts here will be of her very public attacks that she is known for posting and then removing the evidence so that her "followers" won't get wind of it. She has tried to report these images to different webhosts and image hosts, but we still have what we were confronted with when she throws her daily temper tantrums.

This is a witness testimony blog.

Here you will see, for yourselves, the most bigoted, ridiculous, scathing, slanderous, bullying, stalkerish and grotesquely ugly you've ever seen! These attacks were all posted against the victims who had blocked, banned and disabled her from contacting them. All the victims this piece of shit Kathryn O'Connor attacks have seen the same vile bullshit before in their own inboxes. Piece of shit Kathryn O'Connor would email them, ambush them, and then come back and ambush them some more! She would get blocked and reported, but she'd never stop her obsessive crazy mind-numbing hostilities towards any of these good people. The waste of air would create numerous accounts so she could get around the blocks and the bans.

That is, until all those good people figured out how to IP-block her. Some of them even had the police show up at her door and warn her to cease contacting them. One family even got a restraining order against her after the psycho had made numerous phone calls and left threatening messages. The psycho stalker even called the other family members of the victim! What a STALKER!

She didn't stop though. She just moved the attacks into the public eye. All of that rage. All of that poisonous venom of a junkie brain on self-absorbed narcissistic rage because some people caught her in lies and other misdeeds and deceptions. These are the people who are still being harassed by her for simply voicing their opinions and protecting themselves with the actions of blocking and banning her. An unforgivable sin to the Psycho One.

And I don't need to tell you, that everything you'll see in her toxic life of waste, and her insane journal is one lie after another, one delusion after another, and one projection after another!

Please also note that the psycho coward has also removed her own posts to hide her psycho face from detection and from being banned on Livejournal. But every other day, a new attack is posted at Psychoville!

The Insane Mental Case Kathryn O'Connor has actually posted that she talks with John Lennon & George Harrison from beyond the grave! You will see this in this saved document! Her claim is; that they are all interested in her delusional dramas and apparently they go along with her lies too! Imagine that!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (eleventh batch of screenshots)

A bunch of new crazy that's really old crazy being as how it's the same crazy from the same old crazy bitch who stalks and bullies people.

Warning: Don't be drinking anything while reading her drivel. You may burst out laughing at any moment.

One long bunch of cray cray!

Some facts now. As you know, we deal in facts and good fun here and CatShit deals in delusional psycho spewing. We like to debunk CatShit! It's just so damned easy.

1. Dirk doesn't send photos of anyone! And casting spells on a photo is hilariously retarded.
2. Brick has been bullied by CatShit repeatedly and she's the real asshole.
3. Nacky never posted on any "catsby" blog. Hey CatShit! How does it feel that there are so many blogs out there reaming your ass in the style of huge can of whup ass?
4. The only one who's been diagnosed with mental illness is you, CatShit. You've spent a lot of time in that looney bin and we've got all the docs saying so!
5. CatShit does NOT leave anyone alone. This latest round of Psycho Spew from her comes right out of the blue. CatShit can't stand to be ignored so she flairs up again.

Really, you can set your watch by her but she's so ineffective and about as bothersome as a gnat these days.

Oh the crazy is thick and she's on a crazy train of her train wreck that digs her grave even deeper. Keep digging CatShit!

Grumpy Cat is a hero! Here's to Kimba! The nicest lady who has a crazy stalker psycho trying to destroy her. And that apology of hers was so insincere as her raving goes on and on when she realized she wasn't fooling anyone.

Also I'd like to point out that CatShit is the one who posts the shit filled psycho, which she's notorious for, and then deletes it so she appears all good behind that very thin mask of hers. The coward drips with hypocrisy!

CatShit looking in on the comments here! Good.

Let's tear this bitch a new asshole. Though her whole putrid self is nothing but a bunch of asshole sores.

1. You read everything Stu says because you are obsessed with him, CatShit. Where's the Paul bad fics? Where's your sick incest stories about Lennon's sons? Don't have time for that anymore?

2. Stu never screamed anything. He pointed something out because you acted like the dumb cunt that you are.

3. Stu never called MOWFO a police group, nor claimed himself the leader of it. He never grilled anyone about their sex lives. Which in CatShit's mind is the only place where hers lives. It's all in her mind. Mike & Marla are not fucking her. They just let her claim that as they feel it doesn't do them any harm. Yeah they're being manipulated by a psychopath who is dangerous and would do them great harm should they ever really see her real self.

4. Stu never impersonated a police officer. The innuendo she does there is so obvious and downright obnoxious.

5. She's the true sociopath.

6. Food and con suites; read the comments here for clarification and what really happened. CatShit is still spinning her lies and still trying to get Stu and Kimba in trouble for something that's really nothing.

7. Stu can say whatever the fuck he wants and post wherever the fuck he wants. You're  not his mommy. Thank God you're no-one's mommy! I can't imagine how fucked up that kid would be with you as the parent! Yikes!

8. Stu nor MOWFO owe you a goddamned thing. Let alone any kind of an apology. Your sex life with M&M is non-existent. Your actions and deeds are evil.

New bunch of cray!

Now... is she talking to herself when she says "Let's about _____" ???
But anyway, what a lot of spin she's put on two people there. Shay and Brick, two more people who are also victims of the toxic little troll.

Seems like she's been spinning this lie for a long time. Shay is another victim of CatShit.
Shay was always approached by the Crazy Shit who would make lurid moves towards her.

Oh and the CatShit one also admits to being perverted!

Just reading through that, it's clear how obsessed she is with bad Kitty. While claiming things about her target here, she comes off as the one who needs to be on meds!
Even more hypocritical as she proudly admits to doing drugs (illegal ones) while being so fixated on legal medications for Brick, Bad Kitty and Shay.
Who are, by the way, on meds that deal with physical pain. Not depression. The facts are so much simpler. But CatShit will pull out very badly written smear jobs against anyone who'd ever rejected her.
CatShit's perversions - just as suspected, she's a creepy pervert who claims victimhood while coming off as a serial killer waiting in the shadows.

It's so obvious how insane CatShit is here. Literally bashing someone over their own name, their relationship with others and their family. Creep is what comes through here.

Haha! Not crushing on Dirk? That's strange given that you write to him and send him love gifts and crazy hysterical letters demanding that he takes notice of you and sqeeeeing about getting his attention. Your imfamous "Dirk is bad in bed" post has made the rounds while sane people laugh at you. And when you're not being a creepy stalker writing him 20 page diatribes about your miserable life, you bash him online. He really lives rent free in your head.

Looks like "Geneaqueen" lives rent free in your obsessive head too.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (tenth batch of screenshots)

Well it looks like the hideous raging cyberbully comes back to spewage more of her sewage!

After a blissful 6 month period of blessed peace and quite (excluding whatever filth and sickness she's got on her facebook that if anyone is looking at is getting a good laugh out of - laughing AT her) this psycho thunder cunt comes back to stink up livejournal once again!

                                             The CyberBully Catshit is Back!

1. Her whole post is a cyberbullying post, her being the cyberbully as she's always done with her attacks and name-calling. Still can't get that she is the bully!

2.  Her writing is criminal.

3. Nobody ever suggested that she go to jail for being such a hideous cunt and cyberbully. What people could send her ass to jail for are actual crimes like harassment, stalking, threatening, sending death threats in emails and on various forums, groups and networks and calling people on the phone with death threats! Those kind of crimes. But of course she keeps trying to spin and invent her own lies to appear as the victim.

4. She lost friends on account that she herself is no friend to anyone. She is the sociopath/psychopath. She mimics others natural emotions/empathy but in herself there is only rage and narcissism. She is literally the last one to talk about "ego" since hers has always been massive and OTT.

5. We see she's still obsessed with Stu's private parts. As she's been with Bibbi's, Tracy's, Nacky's, Shay's, Dirk's, Paul's, etc etc. Still trying to mention vagina and dick as much as possible. Still don't know WTF she means by Stu's hobbies though since he's not a porn star or anything.

6. Congrats on the new record of 6 months of not being seen. But the bully in you just couldn't stay the fuck away. Had some legal troubles there, Catshit? Too bad you're still stinking up the internet.

The PSYCHO STENCH IS BACK AGAIN! This time with even more Assumptions about people's lives that she could not control. She sees this woman and decides to RUN to her batshit insane journal and write some psychotic nonsense! Yet she calls the woman "a stalker" and doesn't see the irony in what she's done and in her own actions. Always as delusional and crazy as it gets! The only thing she uses that account for is to attack people with when she isn't trolling with her god-awful fics.

Also, what a lovely misogynist attitude CatShit has!

The crazy is definitely back! The funny farm at Bloomfield Hills Sanitarium just bursts with crazy!
Catshit is now quoting Jack Nicholson's crazy criminal character from A Few Good Men who tries to justify killing people.

What "truth" is she crazily ranting on about here? Her truth? The made-up version where she has "spouses"? The one where she is determined to keep lying until someone believes it? Crazy Kathryn O'Con-lying-nut, YOU are the one who can't handle the truth and the truth was already given countless times by Stu, and the MOWFO group!

 Kilgore Trout is still full on cray-cray!

Funny how I think it's ok for me to say cruel things regarding others being hated by God or gods of some sort, but when Chris O points out that I'm like an STD, man, I go all apeshit.

There. Fixed it for ya!

Another thing I'd like to point out is that all the Norse, Roman, Greek and Druid gods must have really hated Kathryn O'Conner! Insane, beyond mentally capable of reason or logic, physically repulsive and an attitude of total shit and psychosis that she's basically a walking nightmare.

And some stuff submitted from 2015, which Catshit then tried to steal.

 Describes Catshit perfectly! Like her trying to control the Dirk/SciFi fans by trying to tell everyone lies about them, like they were crazy and bi-polar and the toxic bitch is still at it! On three of them she tried to convince members of MOWFO that they were drug dealers, meth addicts and bi-polar. This after sending multiple death threats involving witchcraft. I wonder how that's working out for her? That crazy cunt sure does love to project but we know the TRUTH about the toxic Kathryn O'CON-NUT

Catshit's misinfo did nothing for her when people by and large stayed above her cruel tactics and people by and large eventually saw the truth !

Catshit could not control anyone she was trying to with her insane cruise drama and lies, she could not bring down Tracy and her members. Catshit could not control MOWFO with her lies and "curses" and people saw the truth of how toxic she is. Nowadays, Catshit only controls mindless idiots who are strangers to the long line of enemies she's made and in the long run, they too, will see. Eventually.

Do you hear that people? A crazy ass bitch named Kathryn O'Connor bad-mouths people (mostly women) because she's a psycho jealous piece of shit who can't compete with women. Of any kind. That's how pathetic and toxic she is. The lies about Diane should ring ditto for this. How pathetic Catshit is indeed. And like a man, if she can't control you, watch out! Her obsession with your penis (using gun references) will be used to try to shame you!

In short; NEVER trust anything coming out of Catshit's gob! It's all shit.

Catshit is endlessly pathetic while ensuring hilarity of her psychosis.

These people who threw her crazy ass off their gaming group or site are probably way thinner than she is, but that doesn't stop her from crying about being body shamed while doing it to others - but here is another look at how people who reject her have been living in her head rent free for years!

The gift that keeps on giving!

 This crazy is just... WTF?

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (ninth batch of screenshots)

The crazy creep keeps going and going and going...

I'm just putting the screenshots here. Read the blog HERE as it is stated perfectly. I don't need to copy it to here.

Oh look another scream from Psycho Bitch Catshit. More of her usual "Hey you! I need more attention!" posts.

Hey Crazy Bitch Nut, you're a sick swirl of diseased shit dripping from the ass of...well, yourself.

Aaaand yet another psycho batshit post. Catshit is on another massive parade of butthurt.

The crazy "Hey You" bitch who directs all her spewing at people from the soon-to-be-deleted crazy journal is still predictably using the same tired shit she always uses while thinking she's got a new thing to say. I think she's probably got the world longest record of "Hey (insert whoever's name)" posts evah! Catshit's tired old haggy creepy shit about people's penises or panties is displayed again. That same repetitive pattern of hers. Insane. She's always got people's privates on her mind. And I mean always!

Needless to say, Cage (the man she bullies and stalks) hasn't done anything to warrant the latest drivel but rest assured there are no other people (other than Catshit's imaginary friends) who think that Mr. Cage is doing anything with her ugly little pictures. Besides perhaps vomiting at the sight of her. Maybe she should stop trying to be in every damned picture whenever someone is looking to take a photograph of something at an event?

The ugly keeps rearing its ugly head!

It seems the psycho creep thinks that a famous cat is unloved? Or implying that a woman she calls Fudgie is unloved and compares her to a famous cat, who btw, is very adorable!
Ironic that she claims her mother loves her because Catshit is a thing only a mother could love. And I doubt it when I know what a scary, ugly creep she is! This is what the hideous bitch looks like:

One of the most ugliest things on this planet and she calls a woman who allegedly resembles a wonderful cat, ugly? Wow. The ugly sure is an ugly. Catshit is ugly through and through. Pot calling kettle black, and totally hating on some poor cat. That's Catshit for you!
And my God, this is all she's got over on this Fudgie woman? That a mother doesn't hate her? Desperate straw-grasping there and very telling that Fudgie must be all kinds of great things, which I believe is true since this is just a really pathetic piece of shit thrown by Catshit.
Really she had nothing else to be over on this person? It's so sick how she rates stuff and thinks it means anything!

That mother of Batshit KO must have mated with an inbred caveman who had some form of mutant strains from a nearby nuclear plant. Much better to look like an adorable cat who has some actual personality!
These would be the freaks of nature (Catshit's parents) who shit out the thing you see above:

As per usual you can check out the comments HERE.

Oh lookie! Psycho twat Kathryn O gets her shit stirring post deleted at BeatleLinks so she goes off on her drama parade.

Looks like someone has been drunk while posting again. Link tags on her drivel that lead nowhere! How ironic. Once again you can read comments HERE or leave comments here at this blog.
Either way, Catshit is such a pathetic troll to laugh at.

Really crazy shit here because McCartney's song is addressing "everyone" and it's actually got a positive spin on it. Leave it to Shit-for-Brains to try to use it as some kind of negative tone. Another stupid rant from the stupid bitch.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (eighth batch of screenshots)

As someone so perfectly said in an email; The nasty of nasties is on another rampage. I swear she has a list of people that she rotates through and whatever week or day it is, it's someone's turn to be attacked by her. This time we see Astrid of a Beatles group harassed.
More stupid lies and bullshit issues forth from the frothing gapping hole in that fat bitch's face!

The latest harassments are off the heels of her trolling BFFD. Old Catshit wasn't content enough to slime Miss O's room but she continued the assault at her shitty fic trash heap of a journal. A journal literally filled with shit! You can see the shit she stirred at this LINK. They make great comments and point out Catshit's lies.
This comment states it very well.
Catshit wanted more attention and saw another opportunity for it when someone dared have a discussion without mentioning her brilliant fics! So Catshit promoted her steaming pile up with a post that began with how much of a victim she is. Of course.

Also do check out these links; EL's Blog and further reading here. And mentions of the insanity around September 20th is mentioned here as well.
The screenshots were captured and posted to LBF Journal Fen of the shit storm that Catshit brought into BFFD, and Astrid and Molly hand Catshit her ass on a platter.

I could point out all the insanity on the latest Catshit drivel, but right now will leave that in capable hands at any of those other sites. I will point this out however...

My thoughts are as valid as yours. At least now that bullshit is going to stop. Huh WTF? It would be excellent if Catshit would just stop but in what context is this shit she's spouting off here?

Looks like Catshit is off her meds again.

Oh look even MORE psycho!

This *LINK* provides the BEST undoing of Catshit's psychoness. I will eventually get everything added to here from the Journal Fen comments though.

The Insane Catshit just repeats her lies over and over again about Paul's staff "clearing her", about her relatives that she claims will vouche for her although nobody has seen one instance of this or any proof whatsoever from a relaible email, post, nothing. There is however, overwhelming proof that she's no long term fan in the fact that Beatles or anything Paul related was never mentioned by her in previous fandoms! Not one, single, little mention.
That speaks way more volumes than her stupid ass claims and obvious ignorance of Beatle history.
And of course her lies that she never claimed to have any email correspondance with Paul. Catshit has claimed that. There were several people that shared letters from her and it's all documented on EL's blog. In various posts and comments from actual PMs and emails they've gotten.

It's also of hilarious chance that Catshit herself admits to being a stalker by showing that she did stalker things like call someone's home because she stalked them all over the internet and claims she found their number on a blog. A blog, that still hasn't been linked or shown or can even be found for that matter.
According to the topic in a private yahoogroup, Catshit actually got that number by sending in a minion to spy on her victims and get the number from a group's database.
And the group isn't open or public. Let alone a blog called "catsy's" as opposed to the alternate spelling Catshit invented of whatever this phantom blog is. Also documented is the fact that after Catshit obtained the number, SHE went around posting it everywhere she could! Her "version" of events just doesn't have a leg to stand on! ESPECIALLY when the victims were there and know exactly what happened. They had lived through it, after all.

It really shows what a liar she is when she claims to have gotten 30 death threats a day and the person she's accusing of it is the one who won a restraining order against Catshit!!!
Not to mention that calling someone with death threats is illegal and harassment. Which Nacky proved to a D.A. that Catshit was the one doing the harassment and sending of death threats.
Reading Catshit's rants is like reading a very twisted story thrown into a blender and hoping it sounds good while she tries to make excuses for her complete psychopathic actions!


Whoa! I reckon I've probably missed some screencaptures, but it's been two and a half months since the psychotic Catshit posted one of her infamous insane posts on Livejournal.
But don't let that fool you, she's still been very busy trolling and stalking. Harassing and being a psycho on other sites. She only uses Livejournal to send out harassing messages to her one list of targets. Namely the people who are on LJ like Bibbinut.

The lastest laughable spewings of the Insane One.

LoL whut?
As if she ever does anything with her time other than obsess over people from the Dirk Benedict fandom when the current obsession isn't feeding her troll appetite enough.
This is some of what some people are saying who are privy to the situation;

I had to totally laugh at this! Yeah suuuuuuure, she's been "lazy" about getting attention for herself with the cops! She just harasses, e-thugs and threatens everyone on the internet many years, and forever like. Same creepy curse-spouting orc face foaming for years about having them all arrested LOL!
Someone even recalls a post under her little stalker ID of candy cosmic where she claimed that one group owner would be arrested because a member of her group re-posted a gruesome story the she wrote, where it was rightly made fun of. They were all going to pay because, you know, it's all against the law to re-post a stupid vore story and make fun of it. Catshit even announced that she would get the group host arrested over it!
Many laughings were had while nothing ever came of those idiotic threats of legal hammers and threatened crashes of thunder upon the heads of the people. Going on from there, the same stupid bitch then went on the warpath, on a spree of threats about how the group members were now "felons" and committed a "felony" because Catshit's email had been allegedly spoofed and that of course is "identity theft" according to the great ignoramus Kathryn of the Miserable Life...all of that coming from the same bitch who actually spoofed lots of people's emails AND names while terrorizing that Battlestar Galactica yahoo group.
While of course having no proof that the accused had spoofed a damned thing. But those people were being hit all the time with Psycho One's bullshit and drama. The drama that she was always flooding forth with on yahoo, myspace, and even hitting any article or blog about Dirk Benedict's career. No place was safe. The Battlestar Galactica group is huge and has around 600+ members. It's been a well guess that someone had had enough of the Dirk stalking cunt and had a little fun.

Anyway, the stupidity has been captured in another screenshot as you see.

All of her claims about anyone being arrested were laughed off then. As it is now. Again, we have the evidence and the proof on our side.
Catshit's claims in 2004 onward, were all just more of her offering lulz for the interwebs!
Never once was anyone arrested. Nor was anyone even questioned about re-posting a story or identity theft. The fact that she's making a public post about having someone's personal info is telling of HER motive to harass Bibbinut. It's another typical psycho bitch scare tactic. And all this on a holiday. XD !! The foul thing always seems to prove that she's alone and miserable on holidays! Hilarious.

While EL hasn't made any comments or posts about it yet on her blog, all I can off at this time is a comment here.

So yes. Let's see how well she gets bibbinut slapped because like wow, she's got her personal info now and we're all just soooo sure that the cops just won't think to ask how she got that info at all. No way. No sir, they're just gonna see only her side of it and not question a thing! They might even go burn bibbinut a wicker hut because Catshit is just so special to them and they won't ask any questions or anything like that. They won't see her obvious public posts of having someone's personal info as anything bullying in nature...NAH! They'll just see it as Catshit announcing her determination to be the Grand Standing Stander-Upper and they won't see any ugly motives there, nosirreee, she is just that special to them.
The mind of Catshit is so twisted and knotted and...yeah, SICK!

Twisted bitch on Real Doctors (i.e. another imaginary friend speaks up)

Yeah nevermind that she has diagnosed plenty of people with her attacks on them and would go as far to say that she herself had spoken with, and obtained medical records from, "real doctors" over what was going on online. All about all the people she's stalked in the past. "I hold certified proof in my hands that you are a mental patient and have been in a nut house!" she'd flame onto boards and email lists with these outrageous trolling attacks.
Please be sure to check out what others have said surrounding this latest bullshit rant from the hideous troll at this LINK.
 Yeah this follows the day she was banned from another LJ community.
Funny that she didn't offer the same attitude about what "real doctors" would say or do when she was on her rampages involving these supposed "real doctors" or is it that a doctor is only "real" if they defend her insanity, but help her attack others?
By the way, no one she's claimed as a mental patient was ever actually in any hospital or nut house.
There's this one guy who lost his best friend, who was murdered and he had therapy for that because of what he was going through and the grief he was experiencing. Catshit has done nothing but deride him, bully and make fun of him for getting therapy! Any normal, sane person would know this is a reasonable thing to do when you are suffering that kind of thing. To talk to someone. But Catshit has only used it as a weapon to wage against those who know what a toxic person she is.
Catshit has also claimed that someone named Shay was all locked up in some mental institution. Nope. Never happened. But Catshit sure told people that "doctors" told her all about Shay. Shay who is not a relative, or even remotely close to Catshit in any way. Catshit's "real doctors" (according to Catshit) would give her exact details on Shay's mental health and her condition thusly violating an oath "real doctors" take about confidentiality. Because they just had to help Catshit really get to her victims over an internet thing! Catshit's "real doctors" as opposed to the "real doctors" she's posting about. We all know it's another one of her fake, made-up conversations because there's no name or anything. Plus you can tell it's all typed up by her. That "real doctor's" typing style is just like hers! Same shitty writing and everything. What a cowardly and stupid imaginary friend, huh?! As always LOL! Oh and she's claimed the same bullshit things about Tina, Tracy, Dirk Benedict, Nacky, Anna and Bibbi.
What's more is that there are waaaay more than a "few" posts to reach the conclusion that Catshit is a fucking psycho bitch. And there are people who know her in real life that have confirmed what people online have said about her!

Looks like her rant shows that some Karma came back to slice her buncha shit right back into her face!

Catshit. So full of herself. Even "real dinosaurs" agree!

Another psycho post that makes some lame glorification of child abuse against Nacky and her father and then suggests that Nacky smokes. I'm guessing that the dumb bitch is trying to distract people from knowing that she has the child sexual abuse on her twisted mind by throwing in the bit about cigarettes.

Well time for the facts, kiddies.

Nacky has never had a cigarette/smoking habit. Nacky is the last person to have any kind of a drug, cigarette or drinking habit.
She's pretty anti-drug, doesn't smoke and doesn't drink.
But Catshit and her miserable drug-addled gob of shit she uses for a brain will of course have all those vices,
well that's what you see in Catshit's own thought-process and it reveals a whole lot about her! And really, making posts about child abuse is sick regardless of whatever stick she's got up ass this week! Well Nacky's dad was no pedo, but apparently Catshit sits and thinks about this kind of stuff. Among the other sick shit she uses all her time on.

As for what Nacky's "done" to that insane meltdown twatwaffle...

1. Nacky "banned" the attention whore because the trolling and threats got to be too much.
Yeah that Nacky for doing that to protect her group - how unair! Catshit kept stalking Nacky even years after that and is STILL obsessed with Nacky! Obviously. Not to mention the things done to Nacky for banning her ass in the first place was far more heinous, and continued, so this "response" is like nothing more than a desperate last squeak of defeat. No way is Nacky ever going to unban this complete waste of air and space!

2. Nacky "reported" all Catshit's aliases that sent threats and used to
violate all Yahoo's terms. Nacky reported all Catshit's fake accounts
through other sites and networks for the continued harassment and threats.

3. Nacky "went to the police" to get a restraining order against the
bitch when she would not stop stalking her all over the internet and
kept sending threats over emails.

4. Nacky "got an order against Kathryn O'Conner (Catshit)" when Catshit
kept calling her home phone and leaving numerous death threats over
the answering machine and telling Nacky's family members that she knew
where they all lived.

5. Nacky "documented everything as per instruction by a federal agent
who looked into the case" and has plenty of that documentation.

THAT is all what Nacky "done" to the INSANE fucked in the head bitch!
Yeah I'm sure that's gonna get Catshit all the sympathy in the world
from Livejournal users. Fucking psycho twat face.

My guess is she's gotten herself banned from some other site. She usually goes on rampages after failing so badly.

Of course, a couple of comments about the latest batshit from Catshit can be read here.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (seventh batch of screenshots)

                The mind-numbing stupidity and threats and delusions and INSANITY!

Goddamn. The ever glaring proof that she is insane.
For one thing, no pregnant hooker contacted anyone, least of all Astrid.
But this goes along with Catshit's type of attacks that she pulls out of her ass all the time.
Let's see, besides the overused and boring mantra she repeats all the time; stalker, bi-polar, bully, hooker. Catshit is well-known to also use meth whore, welfare queen, and austistic dumbass as her bag of insults. Throwing these words at people who have nothing to do with any of these things.
That whole post is a big pile of shit. Catshit shit.
Catshit's longwinded, bad spelling and horrid grammar amounted to nothing. LOL!

Whoa! This is another repeat of the previous nutcase post she posted about this poor man who had had enough of her harassment.
Here again is the link and comments you'll want to check out. Especially after July 2nd after Catshit blasted another attack against Russ Cage.
But there is more. Catshit claims I myself actually left the group...
People, as noted before, Catshit doesn't leave anything, she has to be banned to be gotten rid of! There's also her claim in one of the previous blogs here, about the fifth screenshot down, that she jumped free first.
So there are at least TWO places where she claims she left that group! Once on December 29, 2011 & again on July 2, 2013 as seen in the screenshot above.
Um NO! She was banned! Kicked to the curb!
 Now people, behold the screenshot of a post dated May 27, 2012 where she admits she was BANNED from MOWFO here!
And look, there's even a link to the very post here: LINK! That Catshit just runs back and forth with her lies.
Catshit lies from one site to another! Can't keep her lies straight! The screencap! The ever reliable screencap!

The Attention Whore at it again! This time she is all about the same drama again. Her claims that people anonymously send her good feedback in PMs is another hilarious lie. We all know she'd post the incoming comments somehow and beg them to openly comment on her shit fics. She takes the time to swipe at members of JHP though.
She uses Paul's staff again as some proof of innocence when they really had nothing whatsoever to do with any investigation into her bullshit drama or crimes, such as they were so Paul's staff is a non-issue here, really. But it makes her feel important and a part of Paul's life and all that.
The stuff about showing the police her emails is another laugh riot when all they'd have to do is examine her own LJ posts there and see who the real cyberstalking bully is. And one of the police dudes is now retired. So she certainly didn't speak with him! I'm sure that if she really went to the police or called them, her complaint boiled down to her boiled ass being offended at the notion that someone said that her fantasy stories are crap. Again the wounded ego and run to the police to make it better tactic of hers.
The title of her post ruins the whole effect when she herself has sent threats via email for YEARS, emails of definite fake names and such. Not to mention she is a stalker. The attacks on Bibbinut are proof to any detective that Catshit's intent is to bully and harass this Bibbinut. Her complaints will hold no water with them. But they never have to begin with. Catshit has always been the aggressor. Even on a cruise, when Dirk rejected her, she was still the aggressor.
Snazzy new machine is another bragging tactic. Emails have ALWAYS come with headers and that was kinda always there. Better tracing? Like this bitch would even know how to use a router or install her own network! xD
Another screaming attention whoring outburst. The Psycho must have sand in her vagina again. EL does address the windbag though. Laughing all the way.
Between September 8th and 10th, Catshit has been furiously looking up people's personal info.
This is actually hilarious because Nacky's real name isn't Kate. But wait! The Psycho One posts another furious vomit mass out at the wall and hopes it sticks...
The dumb bitch still refers to Nacky as Kate. Trust me when I say there is considerable laughing going on here at Catshit's delusions.
Let's pick this insanity apart.
"Kate, why do you go around spoofing emails to Stu?"
Nope. Another lie to hide the fact that her little friend actually emailed Stu. Nacky whose name is NOT Kate, had nothing to do with it. It was psycho bitch Catshit herself who started on her usual tactics again!
And spoofing emails is what she does. In this case, her email was not spoofed, it was supposedly ShawnB's. But since she did claim numerous times to have a "hacker" buddy named Shawn, well, you can guess what this duo of KO and SB has been up to.
"Someone saw you talking to ME in a yahoogroup...(then Catshit launches into her sick obsessive psycho and reveals her own masterbating sessions through projection)"
Who is this someone? Another stalker that Catshit gets to look into other people groups? And which group was it? NOTICE the ABSENCE of a LINK! As per usual there is NO link, because this another one of her lies.
Catshit, if she had an actual link, would post it. Unless of course there was something in it that proved what a lair and stalker she is.
If Nacky were actually "talking to her" WTF group is this on? Is it the R&S one (yes the one that's STILL in existence asshole Catshit) where Catshit was going on and on and on and on about a Dirk cruise and before Nacky BANNED Catshit's ugly trolling and lying ass? That would be the ONLY group where there is any "talking" being done by Nacky to this insane bitch. That would be around the time BEFORE Nacky realized what an INSANE BITCH Catshit really was! Also what do people see when looking at all the saved posts from Catshit's journal or anywhere else for that matter? That's right! Catshit stalking TO everyone she's attacking! From Astrid to Bibbi, to MOWFO members to Dirk Benedict! Oh look we saw Catshit talking to (insert whoever's name here) and there goes Catshit shoving a 70", foot in diameter steel dildo up herself again!
"I have your real number, I got it from castksy's blog" and "I got your address from that"
Another blatant admition that Catshit IS the stalker! Why search blogs on the internet with the intent to find someone's phone number?
And like her little whiteknighting fuckwit, neither one of them could get any address from the number because that would require skill.
ShawnB didn't send an address, just a phone number. Result: FAIL!
Not that it matters, because there is NO "castksy" blog anyway. Google searches brought back virtually ZERO results! NOTICE AGAIN that Catshit mentions some other site or URL but FAILS continually to proivide a LINK! What's this? It's NO LINKS!
No Castksy's either. Just a name she pulled out of her ass again. Like everything else.
But one thing Nacky does remember, well and other members of her group remember is the fact that Catshit would post Nacky's then-phone number on blogs and groups and had to contact those sites to have her and her family's numbers removed! Because of what Catshit posted! Not Nacky!
So yeah, I'm sure Nacky "remembers that bullshit", because that's the bullshit she had to endure and the SHIT she's had to put up with ever since a crazy bitch by the name of Kathryn O'Connor had been rejected by Dirk Benedict whom she stalked and obsessed over. THAT is what Nacky had to put up with because of psycho Catshit and her psycho misdeeds!
"Maybe I'll pay a visit to my DA office"
For what? What will the DA do with someone's info that was ill-gotten from an alleged internet blog then bragged about by the same perpetrator? That's gotta be something they could feature on "America's Dumbest Criminals"!
Stalker who has harassed people for years and has posted this very crap you see before you, is going to go into a DA's office and complain about someone that Catshit not only harassed via email, and telephone, but bragging about having this info on her victim while making such harassing psycho posts on the internet about it ends up being arrested when attempting to get someone in trouble with the law because she thought her ugly harassing rants were going to win the DA over!
Maybe she should have added that she was going to march on the White House steps until everyone was fully aware of her gay porn and having to post such hateful, cyberbullying creepy stalkerish threats of having personal info in between each crap story because there's someone out there who just hasn't keeled over as Catshit keeps trying to make happen.
                                  Yeah THAT should work wonders! *snort*
Yeah I'm sure the DA will be impressed with that! Read: DA will see who the REAL stalker and bully is. That would be Kathryn OConnor and another one of her failed attempts to intimidate her main target.
And whatever happened to her "lawyer"? Now it's the DA that's gonna step in here, huh?
From her post previous this steaming pile on September 8th, she says she's "got a lawyer", and all a lawyer would have to do is get wind of this blog where ALL Catshit's posts have been documented and saved and all the other blogs that are basically witness testimony albeit some bordering on absolute frustration with the Catshit One, to see who the real monster is. So her "lawyer" can come after us all he wants to. Catshit don't have a case because her stalking of people and them speaking of the experiences isn't actionable. Unlike what she's actually doing.
I guess her "lawyer" wasn't up for the Crazy One after all so she's gonna run to the DA! That should help lots. XD

                           Then she adds something that doesn't even make sense!
"your letters from yours" Huh? "went to the wrong address" hmm but somehow she must have gotten them anyway because she sure makes a big stink about that and hasn't shut up about it yet. Yeah even we remember this same whiny crap of hers!
So how come Catshit never mentioned a letter along with magazines before?
Because like the castksy's blog, it does NOT exist!

At any rate, did speak with Nacky about all this. Nacky was amused. She had this to say:
"So now I'm supposed to be Kate? What happened to all the other people she is saving her sick little vendetta lists on? Well if it meant that she was going after someone named Kate and it would mean that I was finally rid of her, I would be inclined to celebrate.
However I wouldn't wish Misery on anyone. Not even whoever this Kate person is. People do get cell phones and family plans, let's just say that my mom has a family plan and pays around 400$ a month for the six phones we use collectively. Well, me and my siblings pay our parts, but even when my mom got the family plan, she had enough sense not to use her real name and the name on my cell wouldn't even be close to what my or my mom's name is. I've been laughing so hard that she's now convinced I'm this Kate person. I guess we can thank whatever sad little thing fed into this latest delusion."

Now to the part about Kimba. This one proves what a terrible liar Catshit is, and how she outed herself as the culprit who sent mail to Stu! Nobody did this but Catshit herself!
"I know Kimba showed you one" Showed WHAT? "and you sent it to Stu posing as me"
This "posing as me" has become just as repetitious as her mantra of "stalker stalker, bully bully, bipolar bipolar"
You see if Catshit didn't send this whatever it is, I'm assuming it's a letter of some kind, then how did she know Kimba even got one?
To clear things up, I will post the following words from both Kimba and Stu, and also clarify that Kimba didn't "show" Nacky anything. And Nacky didn't show any letter to Stu.
Kimba speaks out:
 Stu clued me into Kathryn's latest vile LJ posting today. I was very confused about part of it, as Stu can attest to. You see, in it, she tells Nacky that she (Kathryn) knows I showed Nacky an e-mail that Nacky then sent on to Stu. This confused me because at first, I couldn't figure out  what the heck she was referring to. Then, when I realized that she was referring to the e-mail from shawnb, I was still confused because I hadn't gotten that e-mail. I couldn't figure out why the heck she was saying that I had forwarded it.  Until I thought to look in my spam folder. And sure enough, there was that e-mail. It had been sent to me, but gmail was smart enough to recognize it for the spam it was.
Now, here's the thing. If Kathryn didn't have anything to do with that e-mail, how would she know I had gotten it? Especially since I didn't even know I had gotten it until well after she had made that LJ entry. Of course, even if I had known that I had gotten it, since I haven't contacted Kathryn in over a year, how in the world would she know I had gotten it? Unless, of course, she either sent it out herself, or had arranged for it to be sent...
So, in her need to attack Nacky, Kathryn kind of admitted she was, at least in part, responsible for that e-mail going out. No way for her to deny it now.
I am getting a real good laugh out of this.
Stu confirms:
I can vouch for Kimba -- I was on the phone with her when she found ShawnB's e-mail.
There are several other comments about Catshit's sick livejournal posts and ShawnB here.
One other thing. Kathryn O'Connor is the piece of shit.