Monday, May 8, 2017

The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (thirteenth batch of screenshots)

What is this?

Who knows what this is about...

And lookie what we have here.

Hey stupid cunt, Paul McCartney isn't reading your drivel. You admit it then keep going as if he is!
Definition of insanity is a case study with you as a prime example!
 I see Stu and EL get another mention as they live rent free in your shriveled mind. To reiterate; you are stupid and to think these people hate you over your choice of music? Bitch, give us break! We hate you for the very real reasons outlined here so many times! You're not a martyr. You are a monster.

Stu is devoting NONE of his time on you. Nor is anyone. This is all for record. To keep your foul deeds from being buried by your deceptiveness and manipulations. Let that sink in.

And lookie here!

Going after EL? Of course you are! You have nothing to do but rant over someone who called you out in 2010 and 2012. I can't wait to read her take on your foaming rant. I'm sure she'll be flattered that the psycho is still obsessed with her.

And Betty is the target now! Again. It looks like Betty is now the enemy /slash/ former friend as CatShit has found Betty's old livejournal according to a source close to MOWFO. Of course though, ....who cares?

Tracy is mentioned. It's nice to see CatShit is still butthurt over Tracy. You see how CatShit always claims to have belonged to ALL these fanclubs for many decades upon decades no matter what fandom she is sleazing around at the moment! HA!

Imagine that! A bully using Dr Who to lash out at someone.

But the link referred to is.....


Whoa Ani. What have you done? Maybe you should have kept your mouth shut? LOL!

Personally I think CatShit is spying on some other forums she's been long banned from, but I have no sympathy for the Ani in CatShit's rants if this is the same bitch who trolled someone I know in an art forum long ago.
Otherwise Ani/Anikin isn't that uncommon of a name in fandom.

Looks like she's far more obsessed with Ani than Ani is with her. Yeah I haven't seen this Ani person post about her anywhere. And if she has, it's private and none of KO's business. KO is nuts!

Oh look! The same insults she uses on others she uses on EL! Wow KO couldn't even think of original insults for our EL!
Also where the hell does this bitch get her education of British terms? LOL she has butchered both the American & English languages. The terminology of "Lass" comes from Old English meaning young maiden. It has nothing to do with treating females like trash WTF? KO is fucking insane and the only one I see acting immature is CatShit KO herself. This whole blog is testimony to that! We preserve it, all the crazy, all the insanity, so she cannot lie and claim victimhood when she causes havoc wherever she goes.

Yes they do call you crazy. Because you're fucking crazy. BTW being bi-polar isn't crazy, it's an emotional condition but this Bibbi who suffers from it isn't a whackadoodle curse uttering hag who wishes to cause actual harm towards others. That would be you, CatShit.
All this trolling you do of claims of professionals that you can't even seem to spell the word correctly, is pathetic of such a tiny, fragile little monster such as yourself.
No professional calls his or her patients "crazy" either.
But you must be reliving all the times everyone including the family dog observed how completely off your rocker you are.

And this...

This pathetic twisted evil she posted speaks volumes. It's along the lines of wishing harm on others for questioning her lies and insane claims.
It's along the lines of serial killer mentality! It's like Hillary Clinton without the money and the rapist husband! All KO has is her livejournal.

Whoever Betty is, apparently KO is talking shit and taking credit for causing yet another person some health problems with a "pine on black"...major anger issues much? It's not Betty with a problem, it's the ever self-centered (remind them who I am) CatShit!
Could anything be more conceited? Remind them who you are? Yes we know who you are, crazy evil twisted bitch! You're a troll and a stalker. We all know this.

And my god, she claims to be causing EL to burn because she put a "pepper on black"! You know CatShit, you really suck at Black Magic! EL will get amusement from this twisted crazy shit you posted. We're laughing at you. As it should be. You should be scorned and rebuked. You're evil and crazy.

And now, finally, I hope people understand why these blogs exist! Evidence is hard to refute.

Aaaaand the batshit train rails on!

Sure has been talking a LOT lately about her current obsession; Betty!
Who points out on her own livejournal what a crazy hag CatShit is!
Even more sickening is the continued belief that Nacky or anyone for that matter is obsessed with her! My Gawd she reeks with the stench of delusion that it's right up there with haggery Hellary Hitlery Clitoron.
Which brings us to the obvious elephant in the room. Why is CatShit always talking about people's vaginas and penises? And them being wet of all things?!!
The sick twisted bitch is having wet dreams about these poor people and obviously thinks a HELLUVA LOT about their private parts. LOL and she claims they're obsessed with her? HA!
Read Betty's LJ and you'll see that the real obsessing twat is CatShit. Not this Betty woman.

And I'll go ahead and point out the obvious...if she isn't reading Betty's stuff, why is she responding to it? LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Then here's this...

MORE smut talk about some guy's weiner! CatShit is a hideous skank cunt that no man would touch and therefore I am sure this Gordon fellow is more than disturbed at the prospect of this little whackajob writing about his privates!
Funny though for someone she claims doesn't know her and how she doesn't know him that she talks an awful lot about his manhood.

And the witch stuff?

Oh bitch please! You couldn't curse MOWFO, you couldn't curse Diane, you couldn't curse Julian Lennon, you couldn't curse Tracy, Nacky or Dirk, nor Betty, nor English Lass! What the fuck makes you think you're a witch? Those imaginary parties you host in your cluttered Cheetos bags, soda cans and steel dildos environment are not real!
And as I'm sure Gordon says; Kathryn is nothing but a bag of shit stuffed in a cheap Halloween suit.

And Karma is coming down hard on you, little psycho, that's why you hate her. She is a bitch, but Karma is a just bitch.

Oh more about dicks! And projecting as usual. Who's the biggest abuser and bully of them all?
Why it's KO the CatShit!

And more psycho pops her ugly head...

The Drama Bitch Queen unleashes some of her old drivel.
The FACTS will be told here as CatShit tries to spin such a terrible lie while not remembering that all those people SHE threatened AND posted their personal info were already well aware of her evil.
Nacky NEVER posted threats to the miserable cunt. That never happened. Nacky also never posted the miserable cunt's private info but miserable cunt CatShit sure did. All over some other guy's group! After posting death threats to Nacky's group!!
Know the facts.

The VERY fact that this slimebag is still gloating about reporting two yahoogroups obsessively because she was banned from them shows that this cunt will lie and lie and lie non-stop.
This trolling nagging ugly piece of filth is not only projecting what she actually did to innocent groups, she is trying to blame this Betty person for what she actually did!

And the proof is right there in the very claim that she was the one to get someone's groups deleted. She is the TROLL they banned! That's why she went after them and stalked them! Then claimed she reported them for the same crimes she committed! A real psychopath, folks. A really twisted sick psycho.

BTW, from what I hear, according to one of the moderators, Nacky's groups were re-named. Not removed. They had to flush out the shit pile that CatShit is. They had no other choice.

Oh and the psycho slimes on...

We have no idea WTF this is all about but CatShit sure thinks about Gordon's privates. Betty's privates. Stu's privates. Is there anyone who hasn't been verbally sexually assaulted by this creep?

Yawn. Such a burn... not.

Surprised she didn't write about their dicks or pussies.


Betting that Betty doesn't even read her psycho journal.

The threat to Gordon is repeated again with a claim that someone named "Matt" will do something to this Gordon guy. Whoever he is, he must be a really outstanding guy to have such a foul demonic entity like CatShit trying to harm him! He must be doing something right!

The post about Gordon is even more batshit crazy as she claims that "I never once mentioned your dick.  Ever." YET there on her OWN batshit crazy livejournal dated September 27, 2017 at 9:04 AM she in fact DID mention his dick!

As a matter of fact, let's get another screenshot of the same post already documented above...

More of KO/Misery/CatShit pissing her depends about this poor DJ guy named Stu...

For this one, we'll let Stu himself dispel the lies of KO.

Totally expected.  I got in her face at Continuum.  Pissed her off when I snagged Marla (willingly) and we chatted it up.  That "girl you were with" that she can't even name is in NO position to be on ANYTHING.  She can't afford a pack of gum right now, let alone coke.  Plus, the hag was never close enough to tell what her eye color was let alone anything else.  Talkin' out of her ass is what K does best.  You can quote me.  :D

And a copy of a previous explanation from Stu about the chaos that CatShit caused which lead to a vote to save MOWFO to begin with.

The survey was mostly about MOWFO policy for disruptive members.  (I can show anyone interested a copy of THAT, too.)  It wasn't something I wanted; members demanded it.  Only one of the questions was about Kathryn specifically.  It asked: "Do you see Kathryn O’Connor as disruptive and bad for MOWFO?  If so, should she be asked to leave?"  The answer ended up being an overwhelming YES.  (I've kept the tabulation results as well.)

For weeks (maybe months), Kathryn had been touting the fact that she, Michael and Marla were a "triad."  As I understand the term, it means that there is a sexual relationship.  Kathryn made it a point to let everybody know this, not just me.  (Mike's famous line, "I'm not doing anything that my wife doesn't approve of" came from this.  He repeated this at Sherry's house during one of the special parties.)  This is the backdrop.

During the whole fiasco leading up to the complaints, creation of the survey and the vote, I had been corresponding with Kathryn.  As her friend, I'd hoped to give her some advice to avoid being kicked out and clue her into what was being said by members.  The voting began with the initial e-mailed survey, and initial results ran against her.  When I told her this, she asked, "Well what about Mike & Marla?"  It was then that I told her that I didn't send them a survey.  When she asked why, I told her that I knew they'd be biased in her favor.  She asked me why and I reminded her of her "triad" remark.  She kept pressing me on it, and I finally said, "BECAUSE YOU'RE FUCKING THEM," hoping to break through her obliviousness.

And does it ever occur to this psycho shit stain that the meme is possibly the best way everyone can describe about her and her shit coming back on her?!

Obsession Over Gordon. Oh goodie! This again.

And yet, CatShit is the one posting about Gordon.
CatShit cannot buy a gun legally because of her mental illness, addictions, alcohol and drug abuse and the fact all her twisted psychosis is well documented by not only this blog but many other people as well! So Gordon should be okay except for that it's usually the psychos that break the law to obtain guns in the first place! No amount of gun control can fix her psycho rampages so, maybe this Gordon should look into his personal safety? Just a thought.

What have we here?

Oh! It's more of the same narcissist bullshit! Not one screenshot or text showing where anyone actually uses the phrase "Pulling a Putt" but this is her own demented raging anyway.

CatShit even gets nasty with total strangers she linked to and tries to be the big know-it-all who has suffered the greatest out of everyone else there calling them "wanna-be" and as usual claims to corner the market on all pain and depression. i.e. Narcissistic Rage!

Hmm the psycho should take the advice from that same FB community and leave people alone;
Maybe Stupid Bitch should Let Go!