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The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (third batch of screenshots)

This blog will show in depth the attempts by narcissistic Catshit to destroy any forum or person's site when her requests to hackers failed time and time again.

Before viewing these bunch of insane screenshots, a little history of the situation needs to be addressed here. Two people (or one with two different names) contacted the Survivors of Stalking forum. Their names were Alan Greig with the email of alan.greig@net-defence.co.uk and Craig MacInnes with the email of craig.macinnes@net-defence.co.uk

Here is where this particular saga of dealing with Psycho KO begins.

On Tuesday, September 14, 2010, Craig MacInnes with the email of craig.macinnes@net-defence.co.uk at this IP: had contacted Sherrie, Nacky and several moderators of the Survivors of Stalking forum.

This was his message:

I'm writing to you to see if you can help us gather as much information as we can on a poster called Kathryn O'Connor, as your site documenting the havoc caused by her is extremely informative and useful. http://survivorstellall.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=psycho&action=display&thread=43

I work for a net security company  and one of our clients has recently become concerned about this person who has been a frequent poster on one of their fan pages for a while now.

We have been informed that she is considered a serial stalker, indeed was responsible for the closing down of one of Dirk Benedict's fan pages and has infested many others including BSG- based sites over the years.

I understand you may have details of a restraining order issued against Kathryn O'Connor in 2005. I would be grateful if you were able to provide  a copy of said order, but failing that, provide the details of where this order was issued and the name of the prosecutor if possible.

I appreciate this might be rekindling memories you would rather forget, but we are determined to prevent this woman causing any more hurt to others. I hope you can help us in this. Your details would of course remain confidential and no indication of your participation would be released.

Best regards,
Craig MacInnes

Mind you, his promise was bullshit because Catshit will reveal their treachery as she gloats in the screenshots here. FTR NOBODY from the Survivor's forum itself contacted MPL first or went to any Paul forum and started anything!

MPL contacted THEM, the victims of miserable batshit insane Catshit. That's the truth! Nacky even wondered how they even knew her name. How they seemed to know so much. But because this guy came off as legitimate, people let their guard down. Believe me, they won't trust anyone like this again!

This Craig MacInnes (suspected to really be Alan Greig) joined the forum.

This was his registration info:
username: quizooo
email: rockedsounds@hotmail.com

There was also another suspicious member with this info who joined:
username: skaterman
email: sixtiesbeat@yahoo.com

These "people" or "person" after obtaining documents via email attachment form from one of the admins when MPL's Alan gave a false fax number to send those documents through, he came back with this letter dated Wednesday, September 22, 2010 9:00 PM

With every post she makes that you have edited or removed (he is referring to MPL posts), she wins. Its what she wants and you are playing into her hands.

You are turning a sad, onely, deluded woman into a demon that you allow to exist in your life. Ignore her, ignore everything she does and focus on real life not this virtual pitiful existence. (this he says after stirring up problems on the forum and messaging other members and mods more bullshit letters)

I tell every celeb I work for the same thing and I'll share it with you. Ignore these people, you are better than them, they are irrelevant. Live your real life and stop allowing this person to have a place in it. (little did he know that people were already living their lives, they just had this private forum where they shared their experiences and the fact that they were STILL being harassed!)


Like everything that was proven to him was suddenly of no concern. After he had made such a big deal of finding out everything from the victims. It was as if he had been confronted with truths he could not handle. So he dismissed them. After several members had explained that they started getting contacted by her minions from Alan's damned forum, he still played like he didn't know a thing. Yet this MacInnes fellow had several people's email addresses at this point. All the new batch of harassment began after those two users joined the forum! Quizoo in particular stated that the police in England was contacted after seeing what KO posted on Hak5, then came back to tell everyone to relax that he knew it wasn't any of them. He specifically motioned and implied that it was someone he knew in England. (You see KO had been trying to sell that "they posed as me" bullshit story.) That he had the culprit cornered and that the IP was a U.K. broadband connection. In truth he was covering for Catshit. So now the bitch absolutely thinks she pulled it off very well. Telling people that Paul's staff cleared her of any wrongdoing. MPL didn't even look into it! They just lied to everybody. She didn't trick anyone. She just had someone as psychotic as her play along.

The admin of Hak5 was then contacted by several members from the forum and asked what was going on. We know it was Kathryn O'Connor!

This same Alan had also claimed to have worked with the police before. That turned out to be not true. He claimed he had a stalker himself for 9 years, yet had no idea why KO's victims were saving evidence. Strange that a stalking victim should tell another to not save a thing and just to "forget it". His goal was to help the stalker destroy evidence against her! Alan also had claimed to have talked with Dirk Benedict's staff and told the admins of the Survivors forum that DBC had proven to him that KO was a stalker. Yet all of that seemed not to matter where he was concerned. So again, the question begs, why even bother with contacting anyone, anywhere about this creepy stalking bitch?

There was an agenda there. But no one knew what exactly was up until Sherrie, Nacky and others were getting threats of DDoS attacks warnings and other hacking alerts sent to them from Proboards staff in late 2010. The forum members soon learned that Catshit had joined a site called Hak5 and asked them to hack their forum and added PID and Paul's official forum in the request. The alerts made more sense after that because everyone knows Catshit is no hacker. She just begs them to hack sites for her.

Yes, let's all ignore that creepy bitch in Bloomfield Hills and watch the threatening emails intensify, then wonder who the fuck is calling all the time with insane stupid shit like "Touche" and leaving threats on answering machines, yes let us all ignore all of that and let her "win" because everyone has GOT to send the message that no matter what she does, there will be NO consequences!

Isn't that right, Alan?

Alan was also the one who refused to see in plain black and white the overwhelming evidence given to him by countless people. Yup, Catshit had really worked a number on him by this time. People are sure that he never joined the Survivors forum with any good intentions but to help this pathetic bitch he thought was a "victim".

Alan had stirred enough discord with such people as Loren, Larry, Stu and a variety of others for the sole purpose to keep the crazies on MPL and turning a blind eye and to have everyone he could manipulate turn on anyone that threatened his money making schemes knowing KO would spend a fortune on anything Paul-related! With this in mind, and the fact he kept playing the "I don't know shit" card, why did he make the contact with Catshit's enemies? Why did he bother? Thusly people have a right to believe that he was simply sent in by this insane fanatic to attempt to destroy other people's work.

But it didn't work.

In August 2011, we see plainly how vicious and obsessive Catshit is. During this time the DDoS attacks were starting to seem real enough because the forum was being knocked offline almost everyday. The proboards staff had explained that they had the situation under control and that they see DDoS attacks everyday for any variety of forums they host. When the admins of the Survivor forum explained all the trouble certain new members had caused for them (namely quizooo) one of the staff looked into it. They told Sherrie and Nacky that in order to not be a sitting target, that drastic measures could be taken. It was suggested that they move the forum to a different server. The admins and mods of the forum began contacting the police and they were assured that an investigation can be opened.

Now to dispell the insane stalker's lies and menacing gloating. September 1, 1:07 AM
You see, nobody least of all the person Catshit is blaming here, even knew of Alan or Craig's existence until they (he) contacted Nacky! You see, the fucking delusional psycho bitch Catshit is talking right through her ass again! Nobody tried to get anyone to join the Survivors of Stalking forum. And we KNOW she's referring to Paul's staff here because both Alan and Craig introduced themselves as Paul's staff! This is who Catshit is referring to in her post there! The ones with the "wee bit of power"... but more on that later.
Catshit, the miserable stalker uses the term Touche when she thinks she's really gotten her victims running scared. Catshit used this SAME term when she phone STALKED Nacky's family and kept calling them in 2005 before she was slapped with a restraining order and she could no longer call her victims because they had changed their number.
Anyway here we clearly see her saying someone had some "power" and used it as a "favor to her" and I guess the "ones that really count" as she claims "sides with her" are the ones who are the real mental patients. The liars and fellow psychopaths she has lead by the nose to help her in her insane quest to destroy anyone who saw through her lies about that Dirk Benedict cruise!
September 1, 6:05 PM. Yeah Proboards saw the light and realized that Catshit was a real stalker and actually helped the forum and its members get off the radar. Truth be known. Her obsessive reporting of the forum day and night and trying to get it hacked seemed to work. But it didn't.
This Catshit who always screams for others to get a life, has spent hers reporting any little infraction she could find on the forum through her spies. 
September 1, 9:42 PM. This bitch is really fucking stupid. If someone uploaded anything to a hosting site, would it not stand to reason that they grabbed screenshots to begin with?! That they had saved them in their own files first? Dumb fucking shit for brains.
Productive day? Oh yes the way you spend everyday, stalking and harassing people and then reporting them if they say a thing about it online!
A little secret now, there were no two scores in one day at all!
Catshit scored nothing! We now know that trying to destroy people is a game of hers.
Check the tinypics? Oh you mean the SCREENSHOTS featured all over here?
That's right bitch! Welcome to the sound of the THUD of your dumb ass falling down flat on your face buried up in there!
No yahoogroup was deleted, as explained in previous blogs here. They did however have to change their URL's location (name-change) more than twice actually because of her stalking which is very apparent from the screenshots here.
So her insane question should have read: How many times did I find your group and ambush it? Twice? And yes they CAN claim innocence since the dumb bitch just said herself that SHE deleted that group! Actually little Miss Misery Psycho attempted to delete it but she thinks she succeeded - whatever gets her through her pathetic life. Yeah little sickening creep, you stalked them alright! We see that you did by your own gloating! How many months/years did you spend obsessively looking for their group because they kept dodging your insane ass? Looks like you needed to brag about your crimes more than keeping them a secret! Dip-fucking-piece-of-shit. Typical pattern of the serial bullying psychopath that you are. But too bad for you that they're still doing well and enjoying their group under a name you'll never find. We know you will try to find it though. Drop dead you bitch. Die from not being able to stalk them so much anymore!
They do have the last laugh on you!
Now for the letters that Tinypic and Imageshack sent to the people who asked them why the images were deleted. The note from Tinypic stated this on September 5th, 2011:
They may have been flagged (erroneously) as inappropriate and then auto-deleted by our system.
It is an automatic use for anyone, therefore anyone can click to have images removed even if they do not necessarily violate any terms.

Screen captures of written text is not a violation of terms. Pornographic or illegal images are violations, but nothing like screen caps of crazy people on livejournal.
Again we are sorry that this has happened, please feel free to re-upload your images.

Thank you,

Here is the letter from Imageshack sent on September 7, 2011:


We are sorry for any inconvenience. Please upload your photos again and put tags on each making it easier to keep track of.
Many photos are reported and the staff at imageshack cannot investigate each photo or file reported. Please let us know if there continues to be a problem.

Well it seems like her gloating about such a nothing feat is ridiculous after all! Anyone could have reported the screenshots of any old thing! But none of the screenshots were erased from existence! Not a chance! So little fucking touche bitch, Touché this! It's revealing of how dumb you are to think this was any kind of a victory.

Actually Catshit doesn't even know how to use that term anyway. Here's the definition of the word she so laughably misuses, because she's dumb as shit.

Touché: An expression borrowed from French used
1)to admit that an opponent in an argument has made a good point
2)when someone has said a good comeback line
3)to concede a point to an opponent when fencing
So what Catshit is really saying is that her targets had a good point and comeback!
Catshit and all those wasted phone calls she made (nice large phone bill, I hope) and all those wasted posts that were and are laughed at because she STILL comes out the loser idiot she is.

It's kinda like the now-safe R&S group. They learned long ago that it's way better for this stalker cuntshitstain to think it's gone so she won't continually stalk and prey on it anymore. Well it seems that PB just instructed they follow suit and we see one of the staff helping them obtain that safety. I'm fairly sure they didn't appreciate the DDoS attacks either! The screenshot below is another psycho-stalking gloaty piece. More of the same futile basement-dwelling stomping.

This creepy stalking lowlife even writes a whole rambling piece of garbage and doesn't just call it Beatle Fic, she calls it Family Beatle fic!
This is her little Manson family fantasy or something.
And actually the bitch really didn't get NOTHING pulled. As explained here. The threats of DDoS attacks were enough to have everyone take drastic measures just to escape this bitch!
The forum is still very much intact! Here look for yourself!
Uh oh! Looks like Catshit's Gollum-like gloating is trippin' her up over that edge. Into some lava! ;) 
Hmm actually I clicked onto it and I see a maintenance mode forum. But it's there.
Hey what'ya know! How about that clever server admin, huh? He's able to make Catshit's computer (i.e. her IP) get the firewall screen that says there's nothing there for her to attack, DDoS or even report anymore!
That was a good trick!
KO Catshit. What a fucking loser.
In truth it's Cathit's lies that are so transparent and she gets caught in all her lies sooner or later!
They did move the forum too!
PID came back from the Catshit shitstorms, so did the Survivors!
All the screenshots were never in danger ;)
And let us address her claims that anyone went and blamed Paul's staff for trying to destroy the private forum! Yes let's talk about that!
It's funny how she now says that they are innocent when she clearly said on her insane journal dated September 1, 2011 at 1:07 AM
that someone with a wee bit of power did her a favor. She totally implied that someone from Paul's staff had everything to do with that!
After people had seen this post of her (even though the treacherous bitch had thought she removed the evidence by deleting all her September 1st posts) enough people saw it and grabbed the evidence that Catshit repeatedly makes public, and they did have a legitimate reason to complain to Alan!
This is where we know for a FACT that little Craig MacInnes never kept anyone's confidence. This is what I noted at the beginning of this blog. Nobody made any public statements about Alan or MPL or the complaints against him for trying to destroy their forum. So how in the fuck does Catshit come up with this knowledge? Oh yeah because he was running right to her with any little link, post or email he got from everyone!
MacInnes...isn't that really what happened? MacInnes, Macs, Robert Macs.
This Catshit post is undeniable PROOF that she has NOT moved on from anything!
Let alone the old Battlestar Galactica group that she was banned from a dozen times!
They banned her first couple of accounts in 2004 then had to keep removing her aliases because she kept creating them and returning to harass, spam and threaten the owner and his members there!
Please note her LJ post is September 13th, 2011.
Now see how she is STILL stalking that group by way of the reactions of the people there after her frivilously reporting their posts which she abuses when she goes to file false reports against people and their groups!
Post 1 and Post 2 on September 14, 2011. Now, how does she claim to move on when she is STILL fucking watching a group that has all but forgotten about her and she just HAS to remind them that she's still going to fuck with them? They weren't even talking about her and she goes in and starts reporting them for no reason!
Catshit even followed the guy into John's group and tried to start shit there again.
Catshit's post of Stuck In The Past is her mirrored shit again.
Dyno is a moderator of the Battlestar Galactica Yahoogroup that Catshit used to bash Dirk Benedict, the cruise director, his friend Tracy, and other members shortly after that 2004 cruise that she stalked him on.

The first sentences of this post is Kathryn O'Connor in a nutshell.
KO Catshit is a BPD crazy stalker bitch with no life. That's already been abundantly established here already.
And she only presents HER side and no one else's! Never has she ever even presented the other side of anything that goes against her delusional, narcissistic self-appointed center of the universe status.
This fact has also been established.
Now let's examine her spewings here.
Catshit claims that Proboards sent her a message detailing the fate of a forum. Yet by proboards' OWN staff member, this post is here for all to see.
 It clearly states that;
 Any discussion about the board's fate, will be conducted between the
 abuse team, Proboards admins and the admin of...
Kinda strange they would go against their own guidelines to tell a third party (which is what Catshit it in this case) the fate of someone else's forum. And since all her reports had gone unheeded for so long and she did claim someone with a "wee bit of power" maliciously did something to that forum as a "favor to her", how is she getting this email from them?
It's all made up bullshit by Catshit again.
Proboards was even asked about this situation and they flat out denied ever sending any such emails.
At the end of the day, they could have just been trying to get rid of this Catshit bitch so they wouldn't get further harassing emails from her because if you look at the date; Novemeber 15, 2011, the forum went into Maintenance Mode. Where only the admins and mods are allowed access. We can prove this is the case. I will gladly show links to that too where admins and mods have access where regular members do not.
Now let's crash Catshit's other bullshitting spastics.
No one except Catshit was under any investigation! It was her victims that went to the police and as a result they had been investigating this bitch. Too many complaints against her. Nobody else was being investigated! There were no both sides being investigated. That is another Catshit bullshit lie.
The police couldn't care less about a magazine. And sending someone a magazine no matter where it's from isn't a crime. Let alone mail fraud! For fuck sakes, she really has no connection to reality!
Why would a company unsubscribe her just to re-instate a subscription? Catshit makes no sense and maybe she should have just stopped pissing SCA, and countless other people off?
So the fact is, nobody was confronted by the police (except Catshit) and none of these "felonies" she keeps blathering on about has ever manifested into the real world of crime as opposed to a narcissistic bitch's ego being wounded. Any of it never amounted to anything for the police to go after someone. Seems like it's Catshit who was laughed out of the police station!
This bullshit of hers, it's all in her thick melon head!
There were obviously no Federal offenses committed by anyone she accuses here because like wow they are still free and not sitting in prison (where Catshit belongs)!
Then she admits to having a criminal hacker person she kows, then tries to claim she doesn't know him. Tsk.
 It seems Catshit only sees a puzzle piece and tries to turn the whole thing into her own warped schizoid episode. There's no puzzle for the normal people who know the situation. The simple fact is; she just doesn't get it and never will.

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  1. Looks like her little "touche game" is really a big fat failure!
    Her "triple touche" isn't even a double or even a single touche! She didn't score nothing!

    All screenshots look to be intact to me. Yep.

    So it's still KO = NOTHING!

    Her victims = 10,000 or so!

    Look on KO's face when realizing she hadn't succeeded in shit = scary maniac look!

    Satisfaction of her intended victims = PRICELESS!