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The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (fifth batch of screenshots)

                              The Attention Whore force is strong with this one...

The sociopath thinks this is some big reveal about Kimba (who is given the name Big Fudge by Catshit) when in fact it's nothing but a bunch of whining and hiding of the facts.
For the facts and an actual letter copied from MOWFO's moderator Stu explaining the situation, please see EL's May 23, 2012 blog.
Also check out the other blogs that detail the abuse Catshit has dished to these people:
Ariana, Jena, Chris, Stu, and even Bill has spoken out!
Stu had even been harassed to a degree that he felt he should defend himself against some of Catshit's claims about his so-called mental capacity and owning a gun.
Stu's livejournal post on November 11, 2012.

Angie is a member of many Beatles communities and has been far longer than Catshit has. Before Catshit showed up, things were going well enough but enough people started noticing the batshit insane woman who came into their midst to whine about stalkers and bullies. This whole post she spews here is another deluded piece of nonsense. Of course many members had enjoyed MaccaMinx's journal, it was a welcome relief to what Catshit was turning their once peaceful communities into.
Now they had to deal with her drama on a daily basis so one of those members decided to speak up. This time it was Angie (who is a real person and a well known fan in the comms) but Catshit decides to turn Angie into her imaginary bully.
So just for the record; Catshit is Batshit Insane!
Below you'll see the Batshit Catshit go into overdrive with her delusions.

Catshit mentions Arkansas and someone being stuck at home. Catshit couldn't be more off the mark. You could fit galaxies in the gap of her wrongness. But of course everyone who speaks up and uses a well-known term like "batshit" just HAS TO BE the lady Catshit stalks. The victim Catshit that wants to believe is somehow lurking around the way Catshit did to all those yahoogroups when she wasn't looking for sites to get Dirk Benedict's attention on. But Angie doesn't take Catshit's bait.
Angie goes ahead with her own experiences and what she's seen and evaluated by the horrendous and sickening actions of Catshit.
Angie is most definitely a J/P fan and a long time Beatles fan. Not a FAKE one who lies about how long she's been a fan (like Catshit does all the time) but Angie is a genuine fan and even showed Catshit's stupidity up in spades when she corrected so much of what Catshit gets wrong concerning Beatles history.
Catshit's hope that she had somehow gotten her main victim Nacky involved in another one of her self-created dramas just didn't work. And Angie and her friends soon realized just how insane Kathryn O (Catshit) is. Revealing her own insanity by trying to tell everyone Angie was someone in Arkansas who wasn't stuck at home at all but vacationing in Florida! With her family! On the beach, and sailing, and other living life stuff while Catshit sat at her mother's computer and attacked all these people and tried to sell her delusion of who Angie was. Didn't work.
Catshit repeats her same old mantra about posting everyday (here she admits it) to insult or bring attention to herself. So we know the only reason she's using the internet is the exact thing she accuses others of being; a bully.
But Catshit just doesn't stop there, she posts some crazy deluded accusation about Julian Lennon getting letters from the lady whom she stalks; Nacky.
Catshit even posted a big crybaby post about her mental problems and drama on JohnHeartPaul to which Angie and many others had finally had enough.
Without knowing what Catshit was about to pull out of her ass, and how she had already manipulated several other people including a moderator there, the train wreck had started.
Here at this link you can see the aftermath of what Catshit had caused. And here's the saved document of what Catshit caused and tried to do. i.e; lie, seek attention and unwarranted sympathy and bring the membership down to her level of insanity!
Angie and several other members who had voiced their disdain against the ever-whining and drama queen Catshit, had been made an example of by an ignorant few. But that wasn't good enough. When Catshit just wasn't getting sympathy from the whole group of people she thought she was entitled to, she went even more batshit!
People took her to task and Catshit predictably dismissed them with name calling and more outrageous accusations.
Not everyone bought into it. Catshit whined about them too! Now the Catshit was out of the bag and people who know Angie saw the severe mental instabilty displayed by Catshit and they called her out BIG TIME!
Even moderators pointed out that Angie was really someone from the Beatles comms.
Catshit whined about not getting her ass kissed. Catshit was more focused on why people weren't believing her than the actual questions and requests for proof and links she had been asked to provide. Catshit will never provide a link unless she's already reported it so much that it's gone (rarely does she ever succeed). But Catshit will never post a live link to anywhere that will lead to the truth about her and what she's done. They wanted proof but Catshit offered nothing but more poor-me drama. As if proof didn't matter. That Catshit should be believed no matter what because she's just so special.
Catshit is a liar! A big, fat, liar.
A few notes from me. 1- The use of the word Batshit is common. 2- Everyone notices that Catshit has NO concept of the word "THAN". But because people in the past have mentioned this in Dirk Benedict sites, Catshit tries to connect these two factors together.
Angie was not obsessed with Catshit and neither were the other people who finally spoke up. They just fucking spoke up only to have the dimwitted few believe there was something going on that just wasn't. They spoke up again, and you see the end result in that JohnHeartPaul thread. Catshit made everyone out to be a "gang of bullies" who didn't buy into her act or listen to her crazy rantings about Julain Lennon. Or her imaginary "stalker".
As a matter of fact you can read more about her stalking of Julian Lennon here on EL's blog of August 17, 2012.
The crap about Francie or whoever was another out-of-ass comment by Catshit.
Funny but compared to Catshit, this Francie's got some real class!
Catshit must go into convulsions trying to find someone to hang an example off of. Too bad that her accusations here mean shit when one sees the mountain of shit she dishes out.
But can't take.
And as for Julian Lennon... he did the smart thing, he blocked Catshit from contacting him or his staff after dealing with her via facebook. Nobody had NOTHING to do with that. NOBODY sent him any of her crap stories. Catshit revealed her creepy and stalkerish self to him and that's the reason he blocked her. Catshit knows it, and everyone else knows it.
She goes on to bash him anywhere she has the chance to. And disrupts Appreciation Threads for him on BeatleLinks. Calls him a Beatles baby brat and other unflattering names. She has also tried to get others to send him messages for her.
Reminds some people of the days she got blocked by Dirk Benedict and asked others to send letters to him with her shit in them and their return addresses on them. Stalker creep Kathryn!
For further information on this situation please see EL's July 13, 2012 blog here.
Catshit being her toxic self again. While she posted this she was squealing like mad to the livejournal abuse team.
Catshit's attempts at being a lawyer. Epic Fail!

Catshit shoves the words bi-polar in there again and tries to suggest someone is stalking her. What a mental patient! The looney bin called, they want to lock Catshit back into her padded room. Be on the lookout for a WHOLE LOTTA CRAZY smashed into 4 feet of FAT and GREASY.
Hooker friend? Copying someone else's profile? Only in the Catshit way because none of Catshit's Crap could ever obtain anything like a copyright LOL!
Psst...Hey you, Catshit, GET LOST!

Catshit attacks Astrid (another victim of Catshit's harassment for having the gall to voice her opinions) and Molly posts a brilliant reply!
Molly's reply was removed by Catshit immediately while the original sucky Catshit post remained for about 2-3 weeks.
Check out Lousy Beatle Fic Journal about it here.
EL also blogged about it too.

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