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The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (sixth batch of screenshots)

The list of people who are attacked, harassed and stalked is getting very large. Astrid, Milla, and Molly are now added as targets by Catshit, and will be accused of being this one person that Catshit still obsesses about and who lives rent free in the mind of a twisted serial bully/serial stalker who lives in Bloomfield Hills, a very small town with her mother.

See these links:
For further info.
The following posts were posted on February 14th, 5:40 PM and 7:53 PM...looks like Miss Catshit Miserable Kooky O'Crazy is all alone on Valentine's Day/Evening! So she's spending her time as she always does...attacking people on the internet.
Um, actually Catshit has posted "you're my best friend" to Suzy all over MPL, and has on numerous occasions announced their wonderful friendship on that forum. Catshit has even recently tried to convince Suzy not to take her off her friendslist on facebook when Suzy removed her.
Not only that but she herself told people that Suzy is her friend!
Look for the screenshot that is the comments to Catshit's February 2, 2012 post
In that she CLEARLY states that MaccaMinx posted stories about her and her "FRIENDS" and here is the copy of that SAME story.
The names mentioned in there are hers and Suzy's name! Now how about that!
Also Milla never used the term "best friend", Catshit did! Catshit showed herself to be the very LIAR she was trying to claim Milla of being! Maybe Catshit shouldn't post exact quotes if she's going to lie so much?! But Catshit doesn't care about being caught in lies. By all this evidence shown here...
Looks like Milla was right after all!
Catshit will play both sides of anything just to be able to use the idiots who are willing to be sorry saps.
Also another bullshit from Catshit is that MM (the Mental Misery blog) she refers to is Milla's! That is not true, it is EL's blog! Here, just read some comments here, it'll help clear things up that Catshit tries to twist and warp into her delusional disconnected from reality brain.
Milla is Amazon Russian, a woman who lives in Skopje and a new victim of Catshit's abuse and of course everyone on the planet is supposed to be the ONE person Catshit has cursed to death many times and still lives! And is probably the most focused on that Catshit literally spends every moment of every day obsessing about!
So Milla is being abused as well, because she dared to speak out during the time Catshit was finally permanently banned from a Star Trek site. Milla doesn't use a fake name (i.e. someone else's name like Karen Nesbit) but a name associated with her Star Trek account on TrekSpace. Milla has a LOT to say about this crazy insufferable piece of shit on her own facebook. But most of it is in Russian.
February 14, 7:53 PM
Wow another mirrored self-entitled post! While we haven't noticed a LACK of words from Catshit who apparently isn't happy that people aren't posting about her everyday, we have noticed that her words have no wit or correct usage whatsoever!
This whole "F-word" over and over she claims is all that's on anyone's blogs must be in big font or something for Catshit to keep unleashing all her vitriolic posts all the time!
This burning and stuffing the ashes in a doll? None of Catshit's curses has worked yet!
And yet, still, NO links are ever offered to what she's blathering on about!
But here, of course, links are offered!
EL's Blog about the creepy voodoo curses implied in Catshit's post can be found here.
DeAnna's Blog about the creep can be found here.
And for the curious, here's DeAnna's blog with the "Fuck You" message in it here.
Doesn't look like someone saying the "F-word" over and over to me. There's a lot more to it and it having good reason!
Catshit complains that people used the F-word then in the next sentence she flails all around that's it, fuck off! Catshit can contradict herself in less than two words in a single sentence!
And while everyone else can produce links, screenshots and quoted texts, Catshit on the other hand scurries to hide all this! You'd think she'd get a clue to shut the fuck up and stop using public forums and journals to conduct her lies and attacks knowing full well people can document and link right back to it (depsite that she deletes her ugly posts) but she doesn't think of that. Her sickness is narrowed into the attacks themselves and aiming to drag some unknowns into her drama the way she tried to do to the very people she spends her life attacking now!
You'll not find one shred of link, quoted text or screenshots on Catshit's end.
Catshit is an obscurer of truth.
As opposed to your fake IDs?
Here's a LOT of them documented here at EL's July 12, 2012 Blog!
Also Andrea Ledin and Milla are both real people and they actually have their own personal photos on their facebooks! Andrea has uploaded real pics of her and her family and friends.
Andrea is one of Stu's old friends and friend to Kell Kelldar, who attends conventions far more frequently than Catshit ever will and that's one of the reasons Catshit tries to bash poor Andrea and her friends.
Also there is a real photo of Milla on her Amazon facebook that she posted on December 12, 2012. She's the one in the blue dress.
Catshit took her pile of shit post down almost immediately when these facts were pointed out!
As seen on EL's blog here, one of the comments dated February 15, says this:
she's got another stink pile of catshit on her Catshit account. Something about fake pics on facebook. Um, like the FAKE one she uses on hers? And Andrea's account is way older than even her (NOW REMOVED) Karen Nesbit shit account and does actually contain pictures of the woman who owns that account!
Looks like Catshit has no friends so what does she do? She reads DeAnna's blog again and again, like she's always doing but denying, yet admited to it, while posting about it to show the world she is reading just to deny she's still stalking DeAnna!
Go figure!
DeAnna speaks on her February 17 Blog.
Oh look Catshit calling others what she is! LOL!
And as usual, the spelling is so bad! Was she trying to say "choke"?
Looks like all her gloating didn't do shit for her! Catshit is STILL a miserable noting little piece of shit.
Kinda like saying "they use the F-word...that's it! Fuck off"? That's an epitome of hypocrite there Catshit!
Oh Catshit has done A LOT more than call someone a "German turd" and by now with all the screenshots shown here, it's laughable that she would try to deny that!
                                     And talk about nasty posts! See below!
Nasty and so creepy with her blatant stalkerish posts!
Catshit tries to deny making some kind of threats about cursing DeAnna's sister with voodoo doll making and whatever but we have screenshots to prove that she did!
Catshit decides it's better to actually threaten DeAnna's sister with rape because she flipped off that crazy Catshit! Well Catshit didn't get her way and DeAnna's sister is smart enough to not to walk around naked at conventions like Catshit does hoping TO get laid! Still hasn't worked for her but lots of people are grossed out by that hideous sight!
This is one HELL OF A Projection if ever I've seen one!
More on that here.
And on LBF's journal here. Comments referred to here.
Filthy Catshit.
Let's dispell her lies again since her lies are so obvious!
First let's start with the facts about this place she thinks of as some Wild West spot that no one knows about. Facts about a few locations HERE!
Then EL's blog pointing out the obvious lies of Catshit can be found HERE and HERE! Scroll a little bit to see the real scoop on what Forbes said was the country's most miserable city!

It's a PPO! LOL! Maybe it's really PO-PO? LOL!
Well now to dispell the ridiculous lies here, here's EL's blog about this and comments are included.
Just read the blog and all the comments, paying attention to the dates in the time of Catshit's post and see for yourself how they point out how fucked up that insane Kathryn O Catshit is.
 Again I turn your attention to this post on EL's Blog.
Please note even the PROOF EL offered on her blog, again knocking Catshit's lies down so hard that you can hear the thud of Catshit's dumbass hitting the ground.
The very links to what Forbes listed as the most miserable city are included, something Catshit can never manage since she loves to post her lies and hopes that people will just believe her. Everyone on EL's blog does call Catshit out on her hideous and miserable lies! Again.
This is also like the millionth time Catshit has threatened to sue somebody!

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