Monday, July 15, 2013

The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (seventh batch of screenshots)

                The mind-numbing stupidity and threats and delusions and INSANITY!

Goddamn. The ever glaring proof that she is insane.
For one thing, no pregnant hooker contacted anyone, least of all Astrid.
But this goes along with Catshit's type of attacks that she pulls out of her ass all the time.
Let's see, besides the overused and boring mantra she repeats all the time; stalker, bi-polar, bully, hooker. Catshit is well-known to also use meth whore, welfare queen, and austistic dumbass as her bag of insults. Throwing these words at people who have nothing to do with any of these things.
That whole post is a big pile of shit. Catshit shit.
Catshit's longwinded, bad spelling and horrid grammar amounted to nothing. LOL!

Whoa! This is another repeat of the previous nutcase post she posted about this poor man who had had enough of her harassment.
Here again is the link and comments you'll want to check out. Especially after July 2nd after Catshit blasted another attack against Russ Cage.
But there is more. Catshit claims I myself actually left the group...
People, as noted before, Catshit doesn't leave anything, she has to be banned to be gotten rid of! There's also her claim in one of the previous blogs here, about the fifth screenshot down, that she jumped free first.
So there are at least TWO places where she claims she left that group! Once on December 29, 2011 & again on July 2, 2013 as seen in the screenshot above.
Um NO! She was banned! Kicked to the curb!
 Now people, behold the screenshot of a post dated May 27, 2012 where she admits she was BANNED from MOWFO here!
And look, there's even a link to the very post here: LINK! That Catshit just runs back and forth with her lies.
Catshit lies from one site to another! Can't keep her lies straight! The screencap! The ever reliable screencap!

The Attention Whore at it again! This time she is all about the same drama again. Her claims that people anonymously send her good feedback in PMs is another hilarious lie. We all know she'd post the incoming comments somehow and beg them to openly comment on her shit fics. She takes the time to swipe at members of JHP though.
She uses Paul's staff again as some proof of innocence when they really had nothing whatsoever to do with any investigation into her bullshit drama or crimes, such as they were so Paul's staff is a non-issue here, really. But it makes her feel important and a part of Paul's life and all that.
The stuff about showing the police her emails is another laugh riot when all they'd have to do is examine her own LJ posts there and see who the real cyberstalking bully is. And one of the police dudes is now retired. So she certainly didn't speak with him! I'm sure that if she really went to the police or called them, her complaint boiled down to her boiled ass being offended at the notion that someone said that her fantasy stories are crap. Again the wounded ego and run to the police to make it better tactic of hers.
The title of her post ruins the whole effect when she herself has sent threats via email for YEARS, emails of definite fake names and such. Not to mention she is a stalker. The attacks on Bibbinut are proof to any detective that Catshit's intent is to bully and harass this Bibbinut. Her complaints will hold no water with them. But they never have to begin with. Catshit has always been the aggressor. Even on a cruise, when Dirk rejected her, she was still the aggressor.
Snazzy new machine is another bragging tactic. Emails have ALWAYS come with headers and that was kinda always there. Better tracing? Like this bitch would even know how to use a router or install her own network! xD
Another screaming attention whoring outburst. The Psycho must have sand in her vagina again. EL does address the windbag though. Laughing all the way.
Between September 8th and 10th, Catshit has been furiously looking up people's personal info.
This is actually hilarious because Nacky's real name isn't Kate. But wait! The Psycho One posts another furious vomit mass out at the wall and hopes it sticks...
The dumb bitch still refers to Nacky as Kate. Trust me when I say there is considerable laughing going on here at Catshit's delusions.
Let's pick this insanity apart.
"Kate, why do you go around spoofing emails to Stu?"
Nope. Another lie to hide the fact that her little friend actually emailed Stu. Nacky whose name is NOT Kate, had nothing to do with it. It was psycho bitch Catshit herself who started on her usual tactics again!
And spoofing emails is what she does. In this case, her email was not spoofed, it was supposedly ShawnB's. But since she did claim numerous times to have a "hacker" buddy named Shawn, well, you can guess what this duo of KO and SB has been up to.
"Someone saw you talking to ME in a yahoogroup...(then Catshit launches into her sick obsessive psycho and reveals her own masterbating sessions through projection)"
Who is this someone? Another stalker that Catshit gets to look into other people groups? And which group was it? NOTICE the ABSENCE of a LINK! As per usual there is NO link, because this another one of her lies.
Catshit, if she had an actual link, would post it. Unless of course there was something in it that proved what a lair and stalker she is.
If Nacky were actually "talking to her" WTF group is this on? Is it the R&S one (yes the one that's STILL in existence asshole Catshit) where Catshit was going on and on and on and on about a Dirk cruise and before Nacky BANNED Catshit's ugly trolling and lying ass? That would be the ONLY group where there is any "talking" being done by Nacky to this insane bitch. That would be around the time BEFORE Nacky realized what an INSANE BITCH Catshit really was! Also what do people see when looking at all the saved posts from Catshit's journal or anywhere else for that matter? That's right! Catshit stalking TO everyone she's attacking! From Astrid to Bibbi, to MOWFO members to Dirk Benedict! Oh look we saw Catshit talking to (insert whoever's name here) and there goes Catshit shoving a 70", foot in diameter steel dildo up herself again!
"I have your real number, I got it from castksy's blog" and "I got your address from that"
Another blatant admition that Catshit IS the stalker! Why search blogs on the internet with the intent to find someone's phone number?
And like her little whiteknighting fuckwit, neither one of them could get any address from the number because that would require skill.
ShawnB didn't send an address, just a phone number. Result: FAIL!
Not that it matters, because there is NO "castksy" blog anyway. Google searches brought back virtually ZERO results! NOTICE AGAIN that Catshit mentions some other site or URL but FAILS continually to proivide a LINK! What's this? It's NO LINKS!
No Castksy's either. Just a name she pulled out of her ass again. Like everything else.
But one thing Nacky does remember, well and other members of her group remember is the fact that Catshit would post Nacky's then-phone number on blogs and groups and had to contact those sites to have her and her family's numbers removed! Because of what Catshit posted! Not Nacky!
So yeah, I'm sure Nacky "remembers that bullshit", because that's the bullshit she had to endure and the SHIT she's had to put up with ever since a crazy bitch by the name of Kathryn O'Connor had been rejected by Dirk Benedict whom she stalked and obsessed over. THAT is what Nacky had to put up with because of psycho Catshit and her psycho misdeeds!
"Maybe I'll pay a visit to my DA office"
For what? What will the DA do with someone's info that was ill-gotten from an alleged internet blog then bragged about by the same perpetrator? That's gotta be something they could feature on "America's Dumbest Criminals"!
Stalker who has harassed people for years and has posted this very crap you see before you, is going to go into a DA's office and complain about someone that Catshit not only harassed via email, and telephone, but bragging about having this info on her victim while making such harassing psycho posts on the internet about it ends up being arrested when attempting to get someone in trouble with the law because she thought her ugly harassing rants were going to win the DA over!
Maybe she should have added that she was going to march on the White House steps until everyone was fully aware of her gay porn and having to post such hateful, cyberbullying creepy stalkerish threats of having personal info in between each crap story because there's someone out there who just hasn't keeled over as Catshit keeps trying to make happen.
                                  Yeah THAT should work wonders! *snort*
Yeah I'm sure the DA will be impressed with that! Read: DA will see who the REAL stalker and bully is. That would be Kathryn OConnor and another one of her failed attempts to intimidate her main target.
And whatever happened to her "lawyer"? Now it's the DA that's gonna step in here, huh?
From her post previous this steaming pile on September 8th, she says she's "got a lawyer", and all a lawyer would have to do is get wind of this blog where ALL Catshit's posts have been documented and saved and all the other blogs that are basically witness testimony albeit some bordering on absolute frustration with the Catshit One, to see who the real monster is. So her "lawyer" can come after us all he wants to. Catshit don't have a case because her stalking of people and them speaking of the experiences isn't actionable. Unlike what she's actually doing.
I guess her "lawyer" wasn't up for the Crazy One after all so she's gonna run to the DA! That should help lots. XD

                           Then she adds something that doesn't even make sense!
"your letters from yours" Huh? "went to the wrong address" hmm but somehow she must have gotten them anyway because she sure makes a big stink about that and hasn't shut up about it yet. Yeah even we remember this same whiny crap of hers!
So how come Catshit never mentioned a letter along with magazines before?
Because like the castksy's blog, it does NOT exist!

At any rate, did speak with Nacky about all this. Nacky was amused. She had this to say:
"So now I'm supposed to be Kate? What happened to all the other people she is saving her sick little vendetta lists on? Well if it meant that she was going after someone named Kate and it would mean that I was finally rid of her, I would be inclined to celebrate.
However I wouldn't wish Misery on anyone. Not even whoever this Kate person is. People do get cell phones and family plans, let's just say that my mom has a family plan and pays around 400$ a month for the six phones we use collectively. Well, me and my siblings pay our parts, but even when my mom got the family plan, she had enough sense not to use her real name and the name on my cell wouldn't even be close to what my or my mom's name is. I've been laughing so hard that she's now convinced I'm this Kate person. I guess we can thank whatever sad little thing fed into this latest delusion."

Now to the part about Kimba. This one proves what a terrible liar Catshit is, and how she outed herself as the culprit who sent mail to Stu! Nobody did this but Catshit herself!
"I know Kimba showed you one" Showed WHAT? "and you sent it to Stu posing as me"
This "posing as me" has become just as repetitious as her mantra of "stalker stalker, bully bully, bipolar bipolar"
You see if Catshit didn't send this whatever it is, I'm assuming it's a letter of some kind, then how did she know Kimba even got one?
To clear things up, I will post the following words from both Kimba and Stu, and also clarify that Kimba didn't "show" Nacky anything. And Nacky didn't show any letter to Stu.
Kimba speaks out:
 Stu clued me into Kathryn's latest vile LJ posting today. I was very confused about part of it, as Stu can attest to. You see, in it, she tells Nacky that she (Kathryn) knows I showed Nacky an e-mail that Nacky then sent on to Stu. This confused me because at first, I couldn't figure out  what the heck she was referring to. Then, when I realized that she was referring to the e-mail from shawnb, I was still confused because I hadn't gotten that e-mail. I couldn't figure out why the heck she was saying that I had forwarded it.  Until I thought to look in my spam folder. And sure enough, there was that e-mail. It had been sent to me, but gmail was smart enough to recognize it for the spam it was.
Now, here's the thing. If Kathryn didn't have anything to do with that e-mail, how would she know I had gotten it? Especially since I didn't even know I had gotten it until well after she had made that LJ entry. Of course, even if I had known that I had gotten it, since I haven't contacted Kathryn in over a year, how in the world would she know I had gotten it? Unless, of course, she either sent it out herself, or had arranged for it to be sent...
So, in her need to attack Nacky, Kathryn kind of admitted she was, at least in part, responsible for that e-mail going out. No way for her to deny it now.
I am getting a real good laugh out of this.
Stu confirms:
I can vouch for Kimba -- I was on the phone with her when she found ShawnB's e-mail.
There are several other comments about Catshit's sick livejournal posts and ShawnB here.
One other thing. Kathryn O'Connor is the piece of shit.


  1. LOL!!! I have a question!

    How could she ever make fun of other folks' Beatles fiction stories??? A person has to know the history, characterization... and basic spelling and grammar to criticize a story. Correct?

    "My stories are so much better then theirs." *dies laughing*

    1. Well you know, she believes she's better than everyone else.

  2. Oy that bunch of "twat" postage by a such an ugly beast as KO is really vomit-inducing. She predicatbly deleted her posts, and her following post she makes no pause in her "stalker" mantra: http://catkick.livejournal.com/121269.html she's that deluded to think that anyone would even promote her shit stories. The thing about "Potentials Unlimited" is laughable because that is about self-help, self-improvement, and self-control,etc
    ALL of those things that KO is against because she totally believes she's perfect in every way like the narcissist she is.