Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (eighth batch of screenshots)

As someone so perfectly said in an email; The nasty of nasties is on another rampage. I swear she has a list of people that she rotates through and whatever week or day it is, it's someone's turn to be attacked by her. This time we see Astrid of a Beatles group harassed.
More stupid lies and bullshit issues forth from the frothing gapping hole in that fat bitch's face!

The latest harassments are off the heels of her trolling BFFD. Old Catshit wasn't content enough to slime Miss O's room but she continued the assault at her shitty fic trash heap of a journal. A journal literally filled with shit! You can see the shit she stirred at this LINK. They make great comments and point out Catshit's lies.
This comment states it very well.
Catshit wanted more attention and saw another opportunity for it when someone dared have a discussion without mentioning her brilliant fics! So Catshit promoted her steaming pile up with a post that began with how much of a victim she is. Of course.

Also do check out these links; EL's Blog and further reading here. And mentions of the insanity around September 20th is mentioned here as well.
The screenshots were captured and posted to LBF Journal Fen of the shit storm that Catshit brought into BFFD, and Astrid and Molly hand Catshit her ass on a platter.

I could point out all the insanity on the latest Catshit drivel, but right now will leave that in capable hands at any of those other sites. I will point this out however...

My thoughts are as valid as yours. At least now that bullshit is going to stop. Huh WTF? It would be excellent if Catshit would just stop but in what context is this shit she's spouting off here?

Looks like Catshit is off her meds again.

Oh look even MORE psycho!

This *LINK* provides the BEST undoing of Catshit's psychoness. I will eventually get everything added to here from the Journal Fen comments though.

The Insane Catshit just repeats her lies over and over again about Paul's staff "clearing her", about her relatives that she claims will vouche for her although nobody has seen one instance of this or any proof whatsoever from a relaible email, post, nothing. There is however, overwhelming proof that she's no long term fan in the fact that Beatles or anything Paul related was never mentioned by her in previous fandoms! Not one, single, little mention.
That speaks way more volumes than her stupid ass claims and obvious ignorance of Beatle history.
And of course her lies that she never claimed to have any email correspondance with Paul. Catshit has claimed that. There were several people that shared letters from her and it's all documented on EL's blog. In various posts and comments from actual PMs and emails they've gotten.

It's also of hilarious chance that Catshit herself admits to being a stalker by showing that she did stalker things like call someone's home because she stalked them all over the internet and claims she found their number on a blog. A blog, that still hasn't been linked or shown or can even be found for that matter.
According to the topic in a private yahoogroup, Catshit actually got that number by sending in a minion to spy on her victims and get the number from a group's database.
And the group isn't open or public. Let alone a blog called "catsy's" as opposed to the alternate spelling Catshit invented of whatever this phantom blog is. Also documented is the fact that after Catshit obtained the number, SHE went around posting it everywhere she could! Her "version" of events just doesn't have a leg to stand on! ESPECIALLY when the victims were there and know exactly what happened. They had lived through it, after all.

It really shows what a liar she is when she claims to have gotten 30 death threats a day and the person she's accusing of it is the one who won a restraining order against Catshit!!!
Not to mention that calling someone with death threats is illegal and harassment. Which Nacky proved to a D.A. that Catshit was the one doing the harassment and sending of death threats.
Reading Catshit's rants is like reading a very twisted story thrown into a blender and hoping it sounds good while she tries to make excuses for her complete psychopathic actions!


Whoa! I reckon I've probably missed some screencaptures, but it's been two and a half months since the psychotic Catshit posted one of her infamous insane posts on Livejournal.
But don't let that fool you, she's still been very busy trolling and stalking. Harassing and being a psycho on other sites. She only uses Livejournal to send out harassing messages to her one list of targets. Namely the people who are on LJ like Bibbinut.

The lastest laughable spewings of the Insane One.

LoL whut?
As if she ever does anything with her time other than obsess over people from the Dirk Benedict fandom when the current obsession isn't feeding her troll appetite enough.
This is some of what some people are saying who are privy to the situation;

I had to totally laugh at this! Yeah suuuuuuure, she's been "lazy" about getting attention for herself with the cops! She just harasses, e-thugs and threatens everyone on the internet many years, and forever like. Same creepy curse-spouting orc face foaming for years about having them all arrested LOL!
Someone even recalls a post under her little stalker ID of candy cosmic where she claimed that one group owner would be arrested because a member of her group re-posted a gruesome story the she wrote, where it was rightly made fun of. They were all going to pay because, you know, it's all against the law to re-post a stupid vore story and make fun of it. Catshit even announced that she would get the group host arrested over it!
Many laughings were had while nothing ever came of those idiotic threats of legal hammers and threatened crashes of thunder upon the heads of the people. Going on from there, the same stupid bitch then went on the warpath, on a spree of threats about how the group members were now "felons" and committed a "felony" because Catshit's email had been allegedly spoofed and that of course is "identity theft" according to the great ignoramus Kathryn of the Miserable Life...all of that coming from the same bitch who actually spoofed lots of people's emails AND names while terrorizing that Battlestar Galactica yahoo group.
While of course having no proof that the accused had spoofed a damned thing. But those people were being hit all the time with Psycho One's bullshit and drama. The drama that she was always flooding forth with on yahoo, myspace, and even hitting any article or blog about Dirk Benedict's career. No place was safe. The Battlestar Galactica group is huge and has around 600+ members. It's been a well guess that someone had had enough of the Dirk stalking cunt and had a little fun.

Anyway, the stupidity has been captured in another screenshot as you see.

All of her claims about anyone being arrested were laughed off then. As it is now. Again, we have the evidence and the proof on our side.
Catshit's claims in 2004 onward, were all just more of her offering lulz for the interwebs!
Never once was anyone arrested. Nor was anyone even questioned about re-posting a story or identity theft. The fact that she's making a public post about having someone's personal info is telling of HER motive to harass Bibbinut. It's another typical psycho bitch scare tactic. And all this on a holiday. XD !! The foul thing always seems to prove that she's alone and miserable on holidays! Hilarious.

While EL hasn't made any comments or posts about it yet on her blog, all I can off at this time is a comment here.

So yes. Let's see how well she gets bibbinut slapped because like wow, she's got her personal info now and we're all just soooo sure that the cops just won't think to ask how she got that info at all. No way. No sir, they're just gonna see only her side of it and not question a thing! They might even go burn bibbinut a wicker hut because Catshit is just so special to them and they won't ask any questions or anything like that. They won't see her obvious public posts of having someone's personal info as anything bullying in nature...NAH! They'll just see it as Catshit announcing her determination to be the Grand Standing Stander-Upper and they won't see any ugly motives there, nosirreee, she is just that special to them.
The mind of Catshit is so twisted and knotted and...yeah, SICK!

Twisted bitch on Real Doctors (i.e. another imaginary friend speaks up)

Yeah nevermind that she has diagnosed plenty of people with her attacks on them and would go as far to say that she herself had spoken with, and obtained medical records from, "real doctors" over what was going on online. All about all the people she's stalked in the past. "I hold certified proof in my hands that you are a mental patient and have been in a nut house!" she'd flame onto boards and email lists with these outrageous trolling attacks.
Please be sure to check out what others have said surrounding this latest bullshit rant from the hideous troll at this LINK.
 Yeah this follows the day she was banned from another LJ community.
Funny that she didn't offer the same attitude about what "real doctors" would say or do when she was on her rampages involving these supposed "real doctors" or is it that a doctor is only "real" if they defend her insanity, but help her attack others?
By the way, no one she's claimed as a mental patient was ever actually in any hospital or nut house.
There's this one guy who lost his best friend, who was murdered and he had therapy for that because of what he was going through and the grief he was experiencing. Catshit has done nothing but deride him, bully and make fun of him for getting therapy! Any normal, sane person would know this is a reasonable thing to do when you are suffering that kind of thing. To talk to someone. But Catshit has only used it as a weapon to wage against those who know what a toxic person she is.
Catshit has also claimed that someone named Shay was all locked up in some mental institution. Nope. Never happened. But Catshit sure told people that "doctors" told her all about Shay. Shay who is not a relative, or even remotely close to Catshit in any way. Catshit's "real doctors" (according to Catshit) would give her exact details on Shay's mental health and her condition thusly violating an oath "real doctors" take about confidentiality. Because they just had to help Catshit really get to her victims over an internet thing! Catshit's "real doctors" as opposed to the "real doctors" she's posting about. We all know it's another one of her fake, made-up conversations because there's no name or anything. Plus you can tell it's all typed up by her. That "real doctor's" typing style is just like hers! Same shitty writing and everything. What a cowardly and stupid imaginary friend, huh?! As always LOL! Oh and she's claimed the same bullshit things about Tina, Tracy, Dirk Benedict, Nacky, Anna and Bibbi.
What's more is that there are waaaay more than a "few" posts to reach the conclusion that Catshit is a fucking psycho bitch. And there are people who know her in real life that have confirmed what people online have said about her!

Looks like her rant shows that some Karma came back to slice her buncha shit right back into her face!

Catshit. So full of herself. Even "real dinosaurs" agree!

Another psycho post that makes some lame glorification of child abuse against Nacky and her father and then suggests that Nacky smokes. I'm guessing that the dumb bitch is trying to distract people from knowing that she has the child sexual abuse on her twisted mind by throwing in the bit about cigarettes.

Well time for the facts, kiddies.

Nacky has never had a cigarette/smoking habit. Nacky is the last person to have any kind of a drug, cigarette or drinking habit.
She's pretty anti-drug, doesn't smoke and doesn't drink.
But Catshit and her miserable drug-addled gob of shit she uses for a brain will of course have all those vices,
well that's what you see in Catshit's own thought-process and it reveals a whole lot about her! And really, making posts about child abuse is sick regardless of whatever stick she's got up ass this week! Well Nacky's dad was no pedo, but apparently Catshit sits and thinks about this kind of stuff. Among the other sick shit she uses all her time on.

As for what Nacky's "done" to that insane meltdown twatwaffle...

1. Nacky "banned" the attention whore because the trolling and threats got to be too much.
Yeah that Nacky for doing that to protect her group - how unair! Catshit kept stalking Nacky even years after that and is STILL obsessed with Nacky! Obviously. Not to mention the things done to Nacky for banning her ass in the first place was far more heinous, and continued, so this "response" is like nothing more than a desperate last squeak of defeat. No way is Nacky ever going to unban this complete waste of air and space!

2. Nacky "reported" all Catshit's aliases that sent threats and used to
violate all Yahoo's terms. Nacky reported all Catshit's fake accounts
through other sites and networks for the continued harassment and threats.

3. Nacky "went to the police" to get a restraining order against the
bitch when she would not stop stalking her all over the internet and
kept sending threats over emails.

4. Nacky "got an order against Kathryn O'Conner (Catshit)" when Catshit
kept calling her home phone and leaving numerous death threats over
the answering machine and telling Nacky's family members that she knew
where they all lived.

5. Nacky "documented everything as per instruction by a federal agent
who looked into the case" and has plenty of that documentation.

THAT is all what Nacky "done" to the INSANE fucked in the head bitch!
Yeah I'm sure that's gonna get Catshit all the sympathy in the world
from Livejournal users. Fucking psycho twat face.

My guess is she's gotten herself banned from some other site. She usually goes on rampages after failing so badly.

Of course, a couple of comments about the latest batshit from Catshit can be read here.


  1. I hope those idiots who whiteknight for her (and you know who you are) are getting that fucktarded label they so rightly deserve!

  2. bibbinut here!
    KO THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET can't shut the fuck up!
    She's proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that's she's totally royally beyond insane, psychotic, a stalker and ugly, ugly, ugly!
    The cops are after me? Puhleazzzze!
    Who's KO gonna blame next? The pope? ROFL
    I had a GREAT Christmas! :)

  3. I still have to laugh at that psycho KO's claims that someone else's dad is on *her* side LMFAO she is one certifiably crazy bitch. The insecurities just ooze off her.
    The only support KO has is from MPL (Misery's Panderers Land) but that will probably only last as long as they've got fake pioneer memberships to sell her. LMAO again. ;)

  4. Hey guys, yep that Catshit is one fucked in the head crazy phuck. They don't come any crazier.

  5. Shay here.... the one who is apparently supposed to be locked up. Nope. No mental issues here. Only meds I'm on are to treat migraines... I'm sure someone's "doctor's" will say that migraines are a sure sign of mental illness or something, though. *rolls eyes* Oh wait, I had pain medication when I had my gallbladder removed... surely gallstones are a sign of mental illness! *raises hand to forehead and mock faints*

    Seriously though: just a little backstory: I've talked to this person maybe once in the entire 10+ years that I've seen her at conventions. The conversation? She came up and asked if she could pet my hair. I said no and backed away. I then posted online about how creeped out I was that someone who isn't a friend would want to "pet" my hair, in public or not... still creepy! Apparently that set her off, and even though I spent the past 10 years since that incident avoiding her like the plague when at conventions, she convinced herself that I was stalking her. I think someone needs to give her the definition of stalking, because I was leaving rooms that she was in (not hanging around her) and I never contacted her via email or phone and in fact had to block her from emailing me. Stalking... you keep using that word. I do not think that word means what you think it means.

    1. And yet she specializes in emails and phone calls, especially TO harass and leave death threats in both email AND the phone! "I'm coming to get you" was one of her often repeated lines throughout 2004-2008.