Monday, April 28, 2014

The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (ninth batch of screenshots)

The crazy creep keeps going and going and going...

I'm just putting the screenshots here. Read the blog HERE as it is stated perfectly. I don't need to copy it to here.

Oh look another scream from Psycho Bitch Catshit. More of her usual "Hey you! I need more attention!" posts.

Hey Crazy Bitch Nut, you're a sick swirl of diseased shit dripping from the ass of...well, yourself.

Aaaand yet another psycho batshit post. Catshit is on another massive parade of butthurt.

The crazy "Hey You" bitch who directs all her spewing at people from the soon-to-be-deleted crazy journal is still predictably using the same tired shit she always uses while thinking she's got a new thing to say. I think she's probably got the world longest record of "Hey (insert whoever's name)" posts evah! Catshit's tired old haggy creepy shit about people's penises or panties is displayed again. That same repetitive pattern of hers. Insane. She's always got people's privates on her mind. And I mean always!

Needless to say, Cage (the man she bullies and stalks) hasn't done anything to warrant the latest drivel but rest assured there are no other people (other than Catshit's imaginary friends) who think that Mr. Cage is doing anything with her ugly little pictures. Besides perhaps vomiting at the sight of her. Maybe she should stop trying to be in every damned picture whenever someone is looking to take a photograph of something at an event?

The ugly keeps rearing its ugly head!

It seems the psycho creep thinks that a famous cat is unloved? Or implying that a woman she calls Fudgie is unloved and compares her to a famous cat, who btw, is very adorable!
Ironic that she claims her mother loves her because Catshit is a thing only a mother could love. And I doubt it when I know what a scary, ugly creep she is! This is what the hideous bitch looks like:

One of the most ugliest things on this planet and she calls a woman who allegedly resembles a wonderful cat, ugly? Wow. The ugly sure is an ugly. Catshit is ugly through and through. Pot calling kettle black, and totally hating on some poor cat. That's Catshit for you!
And my God, this is all she's got over on this Fudgie woman? That a mother doesn't hate her? Desperate straw-grasping there and very telling that Fudgie must be all kinds of great things, which I believe is true since this is just a really pathetic piece of shit thrown by Catshit.
Really she had nothing else to be over on this person? It's so sick how she rates stuff and thinks it means anything!

That mother of Batshit KO must have mated with an inbred caveman who had some form of mutant strains from a nearby nuclear plant. Much better to look like an adorable cat who has some actual personality!
These would be the freaks of nature (Catshit's parents) who shit out the thing you see above:

As per usual you can check out the comments HERE.

Oh lookie! Psycho twat Kathryn O gets her shit stirring post deleted at BeatleLinks so she goes off on her drama parade.

Looks like someone has been drunk while posting again. Link tags on her drivel that lead nowhere! How ironic. Once again you can read comments HERE or leave comments here at this blog.
Either way, Catshit is such a pathetic troll to laugh at.

Really crazy shit here because McCartney's song is addressing "everyone" and it's actually got a positive spin on it. Leave it to Shit-for-Brains to try to use it as some kind of negative tone. Another stupid rant from the stupid bitch.


  1. That stupid crazy bitch put up another stupid crazy bitch post. She's a stupid crazy bitch.

  2. She's always got people's privates on her mind. And I mean always!

    Well she is a self-admited masterbationist. She's obviously projecting on her little insane journal...we all know she plays with herself looking at pictures and you know some of those pictures aren't always Paul McCartney. Just sayin.

    1. I wonder where she's getting this "many of us think" shit? She's populated her little fantasy world with more little friends? Oookay.

  3. Here's what Stu had to say about the "gun nut" drivel she posted....

    She saw me at Penguicon. And "crazy guy" is my buddy, Kurtis. When she saw him, she freaked. It's not that he's ever done anything to her. He just doesn't like her and shot her a dirty look. He's 6'2" and 297 lbs (mostly muscle). I guess that made an impression. :-)

  4. Whoa I checked in and saw the batshit crazy bitch has posted more flaming drivel on her Insane Journal of Catshit again. She's so lame to use a guy's last name to call him "caged" what an imbecile. What is he "caged" about? Is this more of her attacks on people with some disability or just that some poor man has a last name she can't make fun of without sounding like a witless bully who tries to come up with some insult regarding their name?

  5. LMAO that is her alright. Ugliest thing of slime and psycho you'll ever see!

    I recall the time she was trying to convince god knows who on her insane journal that she visited a DETECTIVE on xmas eve. When it was pointed out how bad of a liar she is, she then threw in distractions trying to come off as if she was referring to the COPS instead. Dumb bitch went off on all kinds of rants about how the cops don't close in Detroit and work 24 hours a day and in THE REAL WORLD it's exactly like that! Detroit actually does roll up the streets at sundown and barricades their doors. You can't call them, count on them or hope they'll help at night! But she tried to act like she went to her Detroit detective to show him some stupid shit she cooked up.
    But she sure tried to lie her ass off about other cities' cops when in fact they are round the clock in the same area she was trying to pass off as some desert town in the middle of Texas. Stupid psycho cunt.

    Stupid psycho cunt knows damn good and well that her lies have all caught up with her, that everyone saw the word detective she claimed was open on xmas eve without realizing how insane her lies are and how bad and obvious they are and that nobody's listening to the drivel anymore, no matter how she tried to backpeddle with her further insane rants about cops in Detroit being open and seeing her on a major holiday to boot! When in fact it was her lie that she was seeing a "detective" not a regular cop as she tried to change her story to that. Psycho bitch knew she was caught in another bunch of shit lies and ranted as if no one knew. We all knew. We all knew she was trying to cover her lies. As usual.

    And that her little Detroit is really the biggest abyss we can all hope she falls into and never returns from.

  6. How is a smear campaign when everything that's being said about her is true? LOL. Oh, and by the way, it's not WritMcCartney. She means writemccartney. Whatever this person did to her must've really gotten her riled up. I say that's fantastic. LOL.

    1. The manipulative bitch misspelled it on purpose. So nobody just looking in can google it. Catshit doesn't want anyone to look up about her. Bitch did the same thing with MaccaMinx. Spent months bitching about her but never posted her name UNTIL AFTER she bitched so much and got MM deleted. So it's something done on purpose.
      Wonder how the bitch will take it when she realizes people actually SAVED stuff.... I hope she explodes and dies. That's my wish.

  7. Looks like her petit blonde exotic dancer bullshit story is gonna have to be done to people who don't know how to use google.