Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (tenth batch of screenshots)

Well it looks like the hideous raging cyberbully comes back to spewage more of her sewage!

After a blissful 6 month period of blessed peace and quite (excluding whatever filth and sickness she's got on her facebook that if anyone is looking at is getting a good laugh out of - laughing AT her) this psycho thunder cunt comes back to stink up livejournal once again!

                                             The CyberBully Catshit is Back!

1. Her whole post is a cyberbullying post, her being the cyberbully as she's always done with her attacks and name-calling. Still can't get that she is the bully!

2.  Her writing is criminal.

3. Nobody ever suggested that she go to jail for being such a hideous cunt and cyberbully. What people could send her ass to jail for are actual crimes like harassment, stalking, threatening, sending death threats in emails and on various forums, groups and networks and calling people on the phone with death threats! Those kind of crimes. But of course she keeps trying to spin and invent her own lies to appear as the victim.

4. She lost friends on account that she herself is no friend to anyone. She is the sociopath/psychopath. She mimics others natural emotions/empathy but in herself there is only rage and narcissism. She is literally the last one to talk about "ego" since hers has always been massive and OTT.

5. We see she's still obsessed with Stu's private parts. As she's been with Bibbi's, Tracy's, Nacky's, Shay's, Dirk's, Paul's, etc etc. Still trying to mention vagina and dick as much as possible. Still don't know WTF she means by Stu's hobbies though since he's not a porn star or anything.

6. Congrats on the new record of 6 months of not being seen. But the bully in you just couldn't stay the fuck away. Had some legal troubles there, Catshit? Too bad you're still stinking up the internet.

The PSYCHO STENCH IS BACK AGAIN! This time with even more Assumptions about people's lives that she could not control. She sees this woman and decides to RUN to her batshit insane journal and write some psychotic nonsense! Yet she calls the woman "a stalker" and doesn't see the irony in what she's done and in her own actions. Always as delusional and crazy as it gets! The only thing she uses that account for is to attack people with when she isn't trolling with her god-awful fics.

Also, what a lovely misogynist attitude CatShit has!

The crazy is definitely back! The funny farm at Bloomfield Hills Sanitarium just bursts with crazy!
Catshit is now quoting Jack Nicholson's crazy criminal character from A Few Good Men who tries to justify killing people.

What "truth" is she crazily ranting on about here? Her truth? The made-up version where she has "spouses"? The one where she is determined to keep lying until someone believes it? Crazy Kathryn O'Con-lying-nut, YOU are the one who can't handle the truth and the truth was already given countless times by Stu, and the MOWFO group!

 Kilgore Trout is still full on cray-cray!

Funny how I think it's ok for me to say cruel things regarding others being hated by God or gods of some sort, but when Chris O points out that I'm like an STD, man, I go all apeshit.

There. Fixed it for ya!

Another thing I'd like to point out is that all the Norse, Roman, Greek and Druid gods must have really hated Kathryn O'Conner! Insane, beyond mentally capable of reason or logic, physically repulsive and an attitude of total shit and psychosis that she's basically a walking nightmare.

And some stuff submitted from 2015, which Catshit then tried to steal.

 Describes Catshit perfectly! Like her trying to control the Dirk/SciFi fans by trying to tell everyone lies about them, like they were crazy and bi-polar and the toxic bitch is still at it! On three of them she tried to convince members of MOWFO that they were drug dealers, meth addicts and bi-polar. This after sending multiple death threats involving witchcraft. I wonder how that's working out for her? That crazy cunt sure does love to project but we know the TRUTH about the toxic Kathryn O'CON-NUT

Catshit's misinfo did nothing for her when people by and large stayed above her cruel tactics and people by and large eventually saw the truth !

Catshit could not control anyone she was trying to with her insane cruise drama and lies, she could not bring down Tracy and her members. Catshit could not control MOWFO with her lies and "curses" and people saw the truth of how toxic she is. Nowadays, Catshit only controls mindless idiots who are strangers to the long line of enemies she's made and in the long run, they too, will see. Eventually.

Do you hear that people? A crazy ass bitch named Kathryn O'Connor bad-mouths people (mostly women) because she's a psycho jealous piece of shit who can't compete with women. Of any kind. That's how pathetic and toxic she is. The lies about Diane should ring ditto for this. How pathetic Catshit is indeed. And like a man, if she can't control you, watch out! Her obsession with your penis (using gun references) will be used to try to shame you!

In short; NEVER trust anything coming out of Catshit's gob! It's all shit.

Catshit is endlessly pathetic while ensuring hilarity of her psychosis.

These people who threw her crazy ass off their gaming group or site are probably way thinner than she is, but that doesn't stop her from crying about being body shamed while doing it to others - but here is another look at how people who reject her have been living in her head rent free for years!

The gift that keeps on giving!

 This crazy is just... WTF?


  1. She's still obsessed with Bibbi! B B B. Everything is B with her.

    I see she's still a miserable piece of shit.

  2. I'd like to know who this "we" is. We reveal the new name bla bla bla psycho garble.... Does she mean her and her different personalities? OH YEAH THAT'S IT!
    She's so delusional. I remember her stalking people from the last fandom she tried to poison. She thinks nobody hates her and that everyone is obsessed with her HA! She tells herself nobody hates though the evidence is clear that people she harasses and bullies DO hate her but she has to act like such a wilted little victim cause that's how she gets herself through her miserable life.

    Die Cat Shit! Please do that which you always claim you'll do! You attention seeking troll!

  3. Hmmm so what happened to her hate campaign against Stu? I guess if she saw him instead of Diane, we'd be seeing her crazy about him instead.

    1. Everyone on the planet is on her shit list. Good news though, her shit list is a bunch of crazy scribblings she managed to scratch out when she got loose from her strait-jacket.

  4. Fucking CUNT! She shows up at a memorial for a dear friend and a prominent member of the pagan community, who had banned her from Convocation. I know Diane very well and it was hard for to be there. She miscarried. It was quite painful. She is still with the same guy who is now her husband. But of course, Kathryn Kunt will no doubt turn this into a "black magic curse" that worked. She is insecure, jealous because no one wants to be with her. She is in a pathetic poly relationship. And of course, she would never make a good mother! I mean look at her, who would want an offspring with her???? Only 2 people talked to her at the memorial, everyone else avoided her like the plague. The audacity of her showing up where the majority of pagans can't stand the bitch!!!!

    Karma is coming.....

    1. Can't wait for karma to get her good and brutal like. If anyone has it coming, wow it's her!

  5. She's no doubt referring to my being a firearms instructor, and has confused guns with genitalia. Let's forget the fact that she claims to have a gun of her own, and has referred to "my weapons" in previous posts. Calling her a cunt is kinda harsh toward cunts. :)

    1. Yeah jeeez. She gives cunts a real bad name lol!

      Sorry she's still obsessed with you and what you have in your pants. That stupid mindless stalker nutso.

  6. She's been back at Macca's place being a psycho thundercunt as well. She's literally psycho about Paul doing a gig in Grand Rapids, Michigan rather than Detroit this year and posting shit about him hating and teasing her - as if he fucking knows her!! WTF?? To top it off she's so insane that she thinks he should be "on her side" against the people she's made enemies with like whoever from the MOWFO group is from Grand Rapids. So Paul isn't supposed to play in a city where some of her enemies might be living because that's a slap in her fat face! Paul is supposed to not go anywhere she doesn't want him to be!

    Cue the Psycho music!

    More about the latest at my blog:

    Sorry she's attacking Diane again. I hope she finally gets that Karma.

    1. I saw that! The crazy is non-stop with her delusional mindless rants. Everyone is still ignoring her to the best of their ability. Thank God she's been leaving LJ communities alone or was she banned? I think she was banned. How else to get her shit mouth to not plague up the joint?

  7. Cyberbullying Diane because the stupid cunt thinks she's with another man just because she showed up at some memorial with a friend. Talk about a twisted mind to warp things and then go around spreading misinfo. KO will never think before opening up her shithole of a

  8. The crazy pile of nutjob is jealous of Diane and Stu. Diane is a woman that has been laid and has a man in her life who isn't a freak, and Stu gets to attend an Outlander group where Kooky K is persona non grata.

  9. Jesus. her latest is really like watching some old hag carrying on.

    Chris O is a cockadoodie mr. man! Stu can't handle the truth! I point out, I screetch, I spin whatever lie I want WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    1. Yes she is fucking scary.

    2. I know right? She's that skanky loudmouthed cunt you see on those cop shows getting hauled away while screaming that she was kicked out of some establishment for disturbing the peace.