Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (eleventh batch of screenshots)

A bunch of new crazy that's really old crazy being as how it's the same crazy from the same old crazy bitch who stalks and bullies people.

Warning: Don't be drinking anything while reading her drivel. You may burst out laughing at any moment.

One long bunch of cray cray!

Some facts now. As you know, we deal in facts and good fun here and CatShit deals in delusional psycho spewing. We like to debunk CatShit! It's just so damned easy.

1. Dirk doesn't send photos of anyone! And casting spells on a photo is hilariously retarded.
2. Brick has been bullied by CatShit repeatedly and she's the real asshole.
3. Nacky never posted on any "catsby" blog. Hey CatShit! How does it feel that there are so many blogs out there reaming your ass in the style of huge can of whup ass?
4. The only one who's been diagnosed with mental illness is you, CatShit. You've spent a lot of time in that looney bin and we've got all the docs saying so!
5. CatShit does NOT leave anyone alone. This latest round of Psycho Spew from her comes right out of the blue. CatShit can't stand to be ignored so she flairs up again.

Really, you can set your watch by her but she's so ineffective and about as bothersome as a gnat these days.

Oh the crazy is thick and she's on a crazy train of her train wreck that digs her grave even deeper. Keep digging CatShit!

Grumpy Cat is a hero! Here's to Kimba! The nicest lady who has a crazy stalker psycho trying to destroy her. And that apology of hers was so insincere as her raving goes on and on when she realized she wasn't fooling anyone.

Also I'd like to point out that CatShit is the one who posts the shit filled psycho, which she's notorious for, and then deletes it so she appears all good behind that very thin mask of hers. The coward drips with hypocrisy!

CatShit looking in on the comments here! Good.

Let's tear this bitch a new asshole. Though her whole putrid self is nothing but a bunch of asshole sores.

1. You read everything Stu says because you are obsessed with him, CatShit. Where's the Paul bad fics? Where's your sick incest stories about Lennon's sons? Don't have time for that anymore?

2. Stu never screamed anything. He pointed something out because you acted like the dumb cunt that you are.

3. Stu never called MOWFO a police group, nor claimed himself the leader of it. He never grilled anyone about their sex lives. Which in CatShit's mind is the only place where hers lives. It's all in her mind. Mike & Marla are not fucking her. They just let her claim that as they feel it doesn't do them any harm. Yeah they're being manipulated by a psychopath who is dangerous and would do them great harm should they ever really see her real self.

4. Stu never impersonated a police officer. The innuendo she does there is so obvious and downright obnoxious.

5. She's the true sociopath.

6. Food and con suites; read the comments here for clarification and what really happened. CatShit is still spinning her lies and still trying to get Stu and Kimba in trouble for something that's really nothing.

7. Stu can say whatever the fuck he wants and post wherever the fuck he wants. You're  not his mommy. Thank God you're no-one's mommy! I can't imagine how fucked up that kid would be with you as the parent! Yikes!

8. Stu nor MOWFO owe you a goddamned thing. Let alone any kind of an apology. Your sex life with M&M is non-existent. Your actions and deeds are evil.

New bunch of cray!

Now... is she talking to herself when she says "Let's about _____" ???
But anyway, what a lot of spin she's put on two people there. Shay and Brick, two more people who are also victims of the toxic little troll.

Seems like she's been spinning this lie for a long time. Shay is another victim of CatShit.
Shay was always approached by the Crazy Shit who would make lurid moves towards her.

Oh and the CatShit one also admits to being perverted!

Just reading through that, it's clear how obsessed she is with bad Kitty. While claiming things about her target here, she comes off as the one who needs to be on meds!
Even more hypocritical as she proudly admits to doing drugs (illegal ones) while being so fixated on legal medications for Brick, Bad Kitty and Shay.
Who are, by the way, on meds that deal with physical pain. Not depression. The facts are so much simpler. But CatShit will pull out very badly written smear jobs against anyone who'd ever rejected her.
CatShit's perversions - just as suspected, she's a creepy pervert who claims victimhood while coming off as a serial killer waiting in the shadows.

It's so obvious how insane CatShit is here. Literally bashing someone over their own name, their relationship with others and their family. Creep is what comes through here.

Haha! Not crushing on Dirk? That's strange given that you write to him and send him love gifts and crazy hysterical letters demanding that he takes notice of you and sqeeeeing about getting his attention. Your imfamous "Dirk is bad in bed" post has made the rounds while sane people laugh at you. And when you're not being a creepy stalker writing him 20 page diatribes about your miserable life, you bash him online. He really lives rent free in your head.

Looks like "Gengeaqueen" lives rent free in CatShit's obsessive head too as she tells this persona of some kind to "have fun" and then showing how mad she is over anyone having fun! And what's this about "facing truths"? LMAO! Now that's irony!


Let's see. Aside from her laughable attempts to smear some poor guy with disabilities, she's making racist accusations against someone when she is a known racist.
And the bit about asking this guy to kill himself is really pathetic given that she sure made a 6 year long stalking spree on innocent people who had no involvement with whoever she trolled and asked for such a response when she kept using socks to come back into a BSG Revival group.


  1. Wow a new batch of crazy!

  2. I went ahead and asked one of the victims of Catshit's abuse, to get their side of the story. Here are the facts.

    No, Russ isn't "banned" - he lives too damned far away to attend. If he wanted to.

    Secondly, I'm not on any blog. I was asked if I'd mind if someone else posted comments I'd sent to them. Not giving a crap, I said, "go ahead". After all, you don't put anything out onto the 'net that you CARE if anyone sees, right? So no secrets = no worries.

    Thirdly, Stu didn't have "a plate of food". She's lying. I WAS in the Consuite, as I had actual BUSINESS with Kimba (money from MOWFO, etc.), and also Jerry, who was cooking, INVITED me to eat, but I declined, as I had dinner with six other friends at the HOTEL RESTAURANT. (Sean, Lucy, Kurtis, Kerry, Gordon & Claudia, if anyone wants to verify.)

    Oh, and I WAS extremely nice to Kathryn. She came in looking for food, and I directed her to the line as I was on my way out (to said dinner). I don't even recall what she was blathering about, to be honest.

    She sees what she wants to see. As always.

    (Posted here by myself with permission from the author.)

  3. A wise man said;

    I sometimes wonder if there's more people on her list of those she has problems with than those she doesn't.

  4. A source has stated the following:

    Her world is a pretty bleak place if you buy her stories. Imagine for a moment that she's right; then everyone around her, aside from about as many people as she can count on her pudgy little fingers, are all either mentally ill, abusive or both. (And "abusive" could be very subjective if you are, in fact, hanging around BDSM clubs.) Speaking of which...

    I have it from a reliable source that she has not been to any events in more than a year, nobody has ever seen her scene with anyone except for once, when she did this bizarre witchcraft-themed scene that some people still talk about (none of which involved anything sexual). She was asked to leave one private group because she wouldn't leave one of the members alone.

    So there ya go.

  5. Another crop of psycho. You know, none of her shit even makes any sense! There's an obvious lack of backstory that it's painfully and laughably obvious that she is pulling shit right out of her ass. Her
    writing is horrible, her lies are obvious even to strangers who don't know one whit about these people and her rage is apparent everywhere from name-calling to hysterical delusions where she projects so much of her own nasty history by trying to put others' names to her own past deeds.

    I'd like like to hear from these other folks. Get their take on this.

  6. Cyberbullying Diane because the stupid cunt thinks she's with another
    man just because she showed up at some memorial with a friend. Talk
    about a twisted mind to warp things and then go around spreading
    disinfo. KO will never think before opening up her shithole of a