Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Insane Rantings of a Very Mentally Twisted Bitch (twelth batch of screenshots)

The batshit crazy is on the warpath again. And again. And again!

We're not sure what's going on here but chances are she and her trolling comrade got into some kind of fight.
Apparently Betty made fun of Catshit's witchy shit - although this has been no secret before - but Catshit has now decided to throw Betty under the bus. Not that any of us care, since this Betty person has reportedly helped Catshit spy on her victims.

Well this is entertaining. The New Betty Drama. Anyway moving on...

We have not really been properly introduced to this Bill guy but, he finds himself in the same situation that so many others before him found themselves in. Chances are he probably even defended this psycho years ago to total strangers before knowing their side of the story. Now he's a target because he sees through Catshit's "Mask of Sanity" and her real evil face is showing.

Well wherever you are, Bill. Our condolences. I think her comments verge on libel to a great degree so maybe you, Russ, and others can look back into getting the law involved and add the paper trail that has been building up over the years. Eventually it does work and action can be taken against her.

What a dumb bitch. I'll bet actual money that she is 100 percent wrong and 100 percent fucking insane.

HAHAHAHAHA! Whatever crazy bitch. Whatever. I'm hoping this Bill guy not only humiliates her in every worst way possible, but that he takes more steps to stopping her for good.

The Bill Obsession Continues.....

The feeding off drama that she creates is still in full swing. Remember, Bill, lol when you used to listen to her hysteria and lies? That's what she misses!

So Bill wins and is right, yet she is still claiming to be right and not wrong and still making lewd suggestions on his association with others? That's CatShit.

Now let's look at this bullshit and demolish all her lies here.

One thing right off the cuff, she is still stalker-obsessed with Dirk Benedict. The man she stalked all over a cruise ship in early 2004 and went on to cause one of the longest online wars with a multitude of his fans, his friends, even folks slightly connected to his fanbase. And his press agent Tracy.

1. Catshit's claims about a having a friend who is some kind of guru in the Buddha faith and has recently died has been a story she's been passing around for years. Apparently this guru keeps dying, raises from the dead and then dies again.

2. You'd think that being such a close friend of this guru for so long that she'd learn how to spell Dalai Lama.

3. What the true irony is, is that anything Dirk has ever stated about Catshit was the absolute truth, observation of her crazy and being victimized by her as she has stalked him via the internet and via the postal service. And on a cruise.

4. No self respecting guru is going to make statements or judgements against people he doesn't know. These so-called "nasty" things being said about her were all documented nastiness that she herself has sent, so in fact the guru was calling her a degenerate! The forum she stalked, and kept trying to sign into and spy on was simply a group of victims and the friends and family of the victims who witnessed her insane pursuit of all involved. They were simply posting their own testimonies. And theirs included screenshots, emails sent with the headers and all manner of evidence. What Catshit has is a livejournal filled with degenerate nastiness and no proof! Just a bunch of crazy. As seen via the screenshots we have amassed here on this blog.

5. In the face of this type of destructive behavior aimed at them! A nice little Freudian slip. Yes how do people deal with her destructive behavior aimed at them? Note also that Catshit exhibits the most degenerate and perverted personality we have ever seen! This so-called "culture" her imaginary guru friend talks about seems that maybe he's a mirror of her own reflection.

6. Do the opposite of what they do? So does the guru even know any of us? Obviously not but, technically she already does the opposite. You see normal people don't stalk celebrities, bash them eternally on websites and post the crazy that is being shared here for the world to see. She will not do anything opposite of evil. KO is evil.

7. Dirk laughs at your pathetic attempt to drum up a master who listens to you batshit crazy and claiming to be "enlightened". Your whole story is made up, Kathryn.

8. Nobody is crazy that "goes after her" because nobody is going after her. It's her who goes after folks. It is Kathryn Catshit O'Crazy who is certifiably crazy. Whoever the hell this Gengeaqueen is, well you got some obsessed stalker named Kathryn who is pissed off that you like Dirk Benedict.