Wednesday, August 22, 2018

What We Intend

We have saved a multitude of nasty and harassing posts that a crazy troll and known stalker has posted publicly and continues to draw people into her lies. While she conducts some of the ugliest, untruthful and sadistic content, she is off telling others who are completely unaware of her, all these vicious lies about the people that have since learned what a psychopath and mentally deranged subhuman she is!

All the posts here will be of her very public attacks that she is known for posting and then removing the evidence so that her "followers" won't get wind of it. She has tried to report these images to different webhosts and image hosts, but we still have what we were confronted with when she throws her daily temper tantrums.

This is a witness testimony blog.

Here you will see, for yourselves, the most bigoted, ridiculous, scathing, slanderous, bullying, stalkerish and grotesquely ugly you've ever seen! These attacks were all posted against the victims who had blocked, banned and disabled her from contacting them. All the victims this piece of shit Kathryn O'Connor attacks have seen the same vile bullshit before in their own inboxes. Piece of shit Kathryn O'Connor would email them, ambush them, and then come back and ambush them some more! She would get blocked and reported, but she'd never stop her obsessive crazy mind-numbing hostilities towards any of these good people. The waste of air would create numerous accounts so she could get around the blocks and the bans.

That is, until all those good people figured out how to IP-block her. Some of them even had the police show up at her door and warn her to cease contacting them. One family even got a restraining order against her after the psycho had made numerous phone calls and left threatening messages. The psycho stalker even called the other family members of the victim! What a STALKER!

She didn't stop though. She just moved the attacks into the public eye. All of that rage. All of that poisonous venom of a junkie brain on self-absorbed narcissistic rage because some people caught her in lies and other misdeeds and deceptions. These are the people who are still being harassed by her for simply voicing their opinions and protecting themselves with the actions of blocking and banning her. An unforgivable sin to the Psycho One.

And I don't need to tell you, that everything you'll see in her toxic life of waste, and her insane journal is one lie after another, one delusion after another, and one projection after another!

Please also note that the psycho coward has also removed her own posts to hide her psycho face from detection and from being banned on Livejournal. But every other day, a new attack is posted at Psychoville!

The Insane Mental Case Kathryn O'Connor has actually posted that she talks with John Lennon & George Harrison from beyond the grave! You will see this in this saved document! Her claim is; that they are all interested in her delusional dramas and apparently they go along with her lies too! Imagine that!


  1. I thank you for this blog showing and detailing all the insanity this crazy bag posts.

    I am a relative of someone that is stalked and has been stalked by this utterly deranged piece of shit woman.

    I mean KO ('Misery' as we all know her) has stalked and ambushed my sister into many yahoogroups, and other sites. Was always reading everything she posted even though nothing had anything to do with her! So Misery attacked and my sister would have to explain to other members that it was Misery in Michigan; the Dirk stalker who stalks others as well.

    This same bitch had also found phone numbers, not just my sister and her husband's home phone, but our mom's number too! Then this crazy bitch would call at least 3 or 4 times a day with threats and other incoherent rantings! Then she'd call in the middle of the night just to hang up the phone if someone answered.

    This same fucking cunt who stalks my sister actually has the INSANE audacity to go around and tell people who don't even KNOW wtf is happening that she's the victim and tells everyone that the innocent is/are the stalker(s)!!! So THANK YOU for putting up this blog showing just how obsessed and what a stalker Misery (Kathryn O'Cunter is) is!

    I see her posts where she keeps being such a temper tantrum throwing crazed skank yelling that people should ignore her while there she is definitely not ignoring anyone else's sites or boards! Fucking piece of shit scum barking mad insane piss puddle.

  2. Thank you from me too! Use any blog links from Mental Misery as you wish! The thing to remember is noting the dates and then following up on posts and comments in my blogs to see what's really happening. KO has always avoided posting links of any kind unless they were no longer accessible and people couldn't look into it.

    Oh and she accusses EVERYONE of being a stalker and all the things SHE actually is! All the deeds you see her blaming on others were deeds done by her to others. Just FYI.

  3. That catshit actaully admitted her post on hak5 was stupid. I seen the original post she posted there. catshit did ask for some sites to be destroyed. But before she asked for that, she re-posted one of her posts from a forum in 2006 where every other sentence was bi-polar this, bi-polar that and it was stupid then and it was stupid when she re-posted it on hak5. In one of the screenshots in one of the first batches here, catshit does call it a stupid post so she's calling her own post STUPID! lol Lawdy!